martes, 31 de mayo de 2022

Joyful Tunic & colours

It's still spring and still feeling not completely happy with it. But I'm wearing colours anyway, particularly in this joyful tunic which I wore twice in a row, because it's nice to rewear your clothes (don't let other people tell you other thing!). And it's also funny to create a different outfit just changing accessories or go shopping to my own wardrobe.
The big beads necklace is a really old piece that I rethreaded years ago, but its string has broken again. And it happened when I was coming home from work. I noticed the first bead hitting the ground and thought it was just a button, until all of them started to drop noisily and roll around. I rescued some of them, opening my bag and letting them drop in it, and then had to look around me in the street (which luckily was a quiet one!). Probably some beads have missed, but I'll rethread the necklace anyway and keep wearing it!

Seguimos en primavera y yo sigo sin encontrarle la gracia, no es mi estación favorita. De cualquier manera, yo me visto de colores, en especial en esta túnica tan alegre, que llevé dos veces seguidas. Está perfecto repetir ropa, no dejéis que nadie os diga lo contrario. Y además es divertido crear algo distinto simplemente cambiando los accesorios, o irme de compras a mi propio armario.
Este collar de bolas gordas es antigüito, ya lo tuve que volver a enhebrar hace años, pero se ha roto el hilo otra vez. Me pasó justo cuando volvía a casa del trabajo. Sentí la primera bolita caer al suelo y pensé que era un botón, hasta que todas las bolas empezaron a caer y rodar alrededor, armando un jaleo increíble. Salvé unas cuantas, abriendo el bolso y dejándolas caer dentro, y luego ya tuve que mirar alrededor en la calle, que por suerte estaba vacía!. Puede que algunas piezas se hayan perdido, pero lo voy a volver a enhebrar de nuevo y lo seguiré usando.
- tunic, retail (label Antica Sartoria) old / túnica, tienda local (marca Antica Sartoria)
- white leggings, La Redoute (old)
- orange trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina naranja
- sneakers, Reebok outlet (old) / zapatillas
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja
- papier maché bracelets, by myself / pulseras de papel maché, hechas por mí
- red trousers, clearance sale-outlet (old) / pantalón rojo, de una liquidación-outlet
- denim jacket, Asos marketplace boutique Bich / chaqueta vaquera, segunda mano en Asos Marketplace
- old Nike sneakers, almost destroyed / zapatillas Nike viejas, casi destruídas

Leyendo 'La moda justa' de Marta D. Riezu / Reading a book about ethical fashion (nerdy as I am)
Hope your week is going fabulously!
Os deseo una semana estupenda.

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  1. That tunic is gorgeous enough to wear two times in a row, and it's looking fabulous both ways you wore it!
    Oops about the necklace. I've lost count of the times this has happened to me, although I don't think it ever happened when I was walking on the street. I hope not too many of the beads are missing! Besos xxx

  2. Oh, that has to be one of the best tunics I've ever seen. I love it; the colours and the patterns are wonderful! The beads are a brilliant match for it. Glad you managed to find most of your beads; missing a few won't take away from the glory of the necklace. It's happened to me too - the beads dropping all over the place but luckily only at home...

    Won't be long now!

  3. Glad you were able to rescue most of your beads. I hate when that happens, but that's life I guess. Your paper Mache bracelets are beautiful.

  4. this tunic is beautiful - and a really versatile piece stylingwise! and it (she?) is a happy garment with the fresh colours and playful patterns..... totally admire your papermaché bangles!!! gorgeous!
    in the 3. semester of fashion school i made i salmon pink trenchcoat - a teacher bought it right off my sewing machine...... :-D

  5. That tunic is stunning, I do love a pom-pom trim! I'm glad you managed to mend those fabulous beads, too. xxx

  6. Oh no, I'm glad you were able to rescue most of your necklace, Monica! Lovely outfit! All that colour is so awesome!

  7. Your clothes are so beautiful! The rainbow of colors makes me so happy. The bright orange shoes are great too.

    It's a good thing you have pictures of the beaded necklace so that you have pictures to refer back to when you restring your necklace. On the other hand, you also have the freedom to rearrange the beads in a different order. Sometimes change is welcome and it leads to creativity.

  8. I loved the colors of your outfits. All of them are very attractive and appealing. I am impressed with your confidence. The way you are carrying of these outfits is remarkable. keep it up!