viernes, 3 de enero de 2020

new year & walk

After some foggy and freezy days, we had some brief sunny moments in the morning of New Year's Day and temperatures raised to 2ºC (33ºF) so we went for a walk. Obviously, we had not gone out on New Year's Eve and had only a glass (or two) of champagne after the twelve strokes of midnight and twelve good-luck grapes (a spanish tradition). Not a huge fan of massive celebrations.
Actually, going for a walk on a chilly morning could not be everybody's cup of tea, but we enjoyed it particularly because of those sparse rays of sunshine. We've been back to freezing temperatures since then, below zero every night and 1-2ºC during the day.
I have planted some flowers in my balcony pots to cheer up winter days and hope they keep looking so colorful!

Después de unos días de niebla y frío, tuvimos unos breves momentos soleados en la mañana de Año Nuevo y las temperaturas subieron hasta los 2ºC, que no parece gran cosa pero es que hacía aún más frío. Así que salimos a caminar por los senderos junto al río, porque, evidentemente, ni habíamos salido la noche antes ni habíamos bebido más que una copita (o dos) de champán con las campanadas y las uvas. No me gustan las aglomeraciones, la verdad.
En realidad, salir a caminar en una mañana fría puede que no guste a todo el mundo, pero estuvo muy bien, sobre todo por esos poquísimos rayos de sol. Desde entonces, hemos vuelto a las temperaturas bajo cero cada noche y unos pocos grados durante el día.
He plantado estas flores en el balcón para animar un poco las vistas, y espero que se mantengan así de vistosas.

(Everything was bought retail years ago, shopping my own wardrobe)
Todo de pequeños negocios, de hace años, yendo de compras a mi propio ropero.

There's still a last event in Christmas season here in Spain, as the Three Kings feasts and cavalcades happen on 5th of January and we have a holiday bank on 6th of January. It's a traditional festivity which involves presents and a special cake. Not so many years ago this was the one and only time for the presents were received/swapped, but nowadays people celebrate both festivities, Christmas Eve and Three Kings' Night, with presents and stuff. The world looks more and more the same everywhere.
Even if we don't do presents, I enjoy the atmosphere (and cake!) of this holiday.

Todavía nos queda la celebración de los Reyes, las cabalgatas y el roscón. No hace tanto tiempo esta fiesta era el momento (único) de los regalos, pero ya sabemos que ahora mismo se duplica el regalar en ambas fechas y yo creo que se duplica el estrés también.
Aunque no hacemos intercambio regalos, personalmente disfruto del ambiente (y del roscón) y os deseo unas felices fiestas.

We asked dad to take a picture of us (mom and me) and he did it quite well, considering he is not used to the camera. Our smiles were literally frozen!.

Pedimos a mi padre que nos tomara una foto y salió bastante bien considerando que no está acostumbrado a la cámara. Tenemos sonrisas congeladas, literalmente.

- t-shirt, second hand at Sunday Street market (by Etam) / camiseta de Etam, segunda mano en el mercadillo del domingo
- tweed skirt from a suit bought at a charity shop / falda de un traje comprado en Cáritas
- tights, Snag (Beach Bum) old / medias, Snag, color 'Beach Bum'
- sneakers, Nike outlet, old / zapatillas
- sherling coat, Asos Marketplace boutique Bich (old) / abrigo de piel vuelta, segunda mano de Asos Marketplace boutique Bich
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I like the colourful look you wore for your new year walk! And it is interesting what you wrote about the Three-Kings-Day. I didn't know before that in Spain it is celebrated in this way. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy new year!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Another lovely photo of you and your Mum, even if your smiles are literally frozen ;-) Both your outfits are gorgeous, as all your outfits are. You are always a sight for sore eyes in your colourful attire. I have a Belgian friend who's been living in Spain for many years, and he posted a photo of twelve good-luck grapes on IG. I had no idea that it was a Spanish tradition, so thank you for clearing this up. We also have "Three Kings" here, but do not have a bank holidayb for it, alas. Here it is mainly celebrated by children, who dress up as Three Kings, and go from door to door, singing songs and collecting coins and sweets. And there is a special cake, and there's a coin or a bean hidden in it, and whoever gets it is King. Besos xxx

  3. Your mum is so very stylish - I can see where you get it from!

    I loved your colourful outfits and you are the Queen of layering; I love it. I also love your berets; I was looking for some today with out any success, I'm afraid.

    Your flowers are beautiful; I recognised the pink cyclamens but not the yellow flower...

    I've not heard of 'Three Kings night but on the 6th it is the Epiphany; which is when the Magi - The Three Kings in other words, went to visit the newly born Christ child. So, it's the same feast/festivity, but we don't have a bank holiday for it.! It's the day here when you are supposed to take your Christmas decorations and tree down. I hope you enjoy your Three Kings day and the cake, of course!

    1. I think the yellow flowers are pansies, but you can't see their faces!! Pauline.

  4. Happy New Year, Monica! I love hearing about other countries' celebrations for holidays - yours sound very fun. I enjoy an early morning walk - I'll be doing my oceanside walk tomorrow and hopefully it will not be freezing rain!

    Here's to a new decade, and here's to you, Visible Woman! All the best to you, my dear.

  5. Happy New Year! Lovely to see you and your mum together, she's so fabulous - as are you!
    I remember seeing the new year in with a Spanish friend many years ago and trying desperately to eat grapes in a crazy busy city centre throng of people, not an easy

  6. Happy New Year beauty, I hope it's a wonderful one for you!!! This is so wonderful, I love these pictures with your family!! Besos x