viernes, 27 de diciembre de 2019

holiday & walks

As a brief overview of my activities last days, we have had visitors at home, (my parents and Mr.A.'s ones too) and we've been wandering around with them a lot, as the weather was unseasonably warm (15ºC on Christmas Eve / 59ºF). I didn't take many pics, because I am a bad blogger and too busy having fun (which is totally 'business as usual' in my case). Anyway this is what I wore some days ago, a light coat and a summery dress, when running errands. Usually I take my pics in front of this Museum because it's something that people do frequently, but also because this Museum is a few meters from our fav bakery (as few meters as 15 aprox). It's a very convenient spot!

Como breve resumen de mis actividades los últimos días, os diré que hemos tenido visitas en casa (mis padres y los padres de Mr.A.) y que hemos estado paseando con ellos un montón, ya que el tiempo ha sido muy bueno, extrañamente cálido con unos 15ºC el día de nochebuena. No he tomado muchas fotos, porque soy una mala bloguera y estaba demasiado ocupada divirtiéndome (es la política habitual de este blog, como de costumbre).
De todos modos, esto es lo que me puse hace unos días, un abrigo de paño ligero y un vestido de verano, mientras hacía recados. Normalmente saco fotos delante del Museo porque es algo que hace la gente todo el tiempo, pero también porque me queda al lado de la panadería a la que suelo ir. Así que es un fondo muy conveniente ;D

I also took some crap pictures of another outfit, something comfy I wore to go for a walk through the city parks. The river runs high, so the floodable zones are enjoyed by ducks and cranes (it happens usually every winter).

También he sacado unas fotos cutres de lo que llevé otro día, algo cómodo para ir a caminar por los parques de la ciudad. El río viene alto, así que, como cada invierno, las zonas inundables se llenan de patos, garzas y demás.

Last but not least, my mom has brought me some clothes from her store room, including this amazing chinese robe which still has its labels attached. It was bought back in the 80's and never worn, such a total waste!. But now I have it in my hands and I'm looking forward to wear it (even if my plans are not to wear it as a robe). The moment he saw it, Mr.A. told me "now you only need a Chateau", because he inmediately thought on Angel from Escape to the Chateau series ;DDD. I don't know if going for a walk in a robe is going to be too much for our little town, but I believe that everybody has to be true to herself, so I'll give these golden dragons a try!

Por último pero no menos importante, mi madre me ha traído cosas del desván/trastero, incluyendo esta increíble bata china que tiene todavía las etiquetas puestas, desde los ochenta. Nunca se usó, lo cual me parece una lástima, pero ahora está en mi poder y estoy deseando ponérmela (aunque no creo que sea para estar en casa). En cuanto Mr.A. le echó un vistazo, le hizo gracia y me dijo que 'ahora ya sólo te falta el chateau', porque inmediatamente pensó en Angel de la serie de tv Nuestro Propio Castillo (en inglés Escape to the Chateau), me hizo mucha gracia. No sé si andar por ahí en bata en nuestra pequeña ciudad será excesivo, pero creo que cada una debe ser fiel a sí misma, así que les daré un paseo a estos dragones dorados.

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  1. Two lovely cheery outfits and some cute little ducks, too!
    I'm glad you had a lovely Xmas, enjoyed unseasonably warm weather (we've got that forecast for next week) and enjoyed good company and the great outdoors!
    The Chinese brocade robe is fabulous and far too good to be worn as a dressing gown. Angel always looks great in hers! xxx

  2. Lucky you to have such mild and sunny weather at Christmas. I loved your outfits; you are always so colourful and bright!

    Your mum's robe is simply beautiful; I can't wait to see you wear it.


  3. It's been unseasonably warm here too, but we've also had lots of rain. Nevertheless, we did some walking too, and are planning to walk more in the next days. I'm loving your cheerfully colourful, business as usual outfits, Monica! It's lovely to see you're still rocking that exotic print maxi, which is looking a treat with your purple coat and pink scarf. Your Mum's Chinese robe is utterly gorgeous! Lucky you! I can't wait to see how you'll be wearing it! xxx

  4. We have had a few sunny days followed by grey and rainy weather over the holidays, and today it snowed, so the weather is all over the map. The chinese robe is really beautiful, and definitely deserves an outing. I'm sure you will find the perfect outfit to wear with it. Happy New Year Monica!

  5. Yes, you must give the dragons an airing! It's the sort of thing a steampunk adventuress would wear. Who knows what adventures it could bring you?

  6. So wonderful!!! Am happy you've been enjoying yourself. Happy New Year my dear, I hope it's a stunning one for you xx Besos!

  7. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you do with that robe! Even for me (ha ha), wearing a robe out in public is a LOT.



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