sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2019

striped dress & colours

This striped dress was bought at ebay some time ago (March2018) and I've realized that it has not been worn very frequently since Oct2018. So I've challenged myself to style it in different ways and remix it (at least) twice in a row. Actually, I wore it three times but couldn't take pics on Tuesday!.

Probably it's not the easiest dress to wear, despite being really comfortable and having a classic striped print. But this dress can be quite tricky not only because of the (supposedly unflattering) horizontal stripes but also because of its (lack of) shape. So I've preferred to wear it under a long jacket or cardi, as I think that this creates better proportions. Now there are lots of possibilites to try!

Este vestido de rayas fue una compra de ebay, de segunda mano, de hace algún tiempo (March2018) y me he dado cuenta de que no me lo estoy poniendo nada desde Oct2018. Así que me he planteado como reto el combinarlo de diferentes maneras y ponérmelo al menos dos veces en una semana. En realidad, me lo puse tres, pero el martes no pude sacarme fotos!.
Puede que no sea el vestido más fácil de llevar, a pesar de ser muy cómodo y tener un estampado clásico de raysa. Pero es un poco más complicado, por culpa de las rayas horizontales que se supone que no favorecen, y también por la forma del vestido (más bien por la falta de ella). Así que me ha parecido mejor ponérmelo debajo de una chaqueta larga, porque pienso que mejora visualmente las proporciones. Y ahora tengo muchas más posibilidades que probar!

- long cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto larga
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- scarf and bag, both retail (old) / pañuelo y bolso, de tiendas locales
- coat, clearance sale (old) / abrigo, de una liquidación
- turquoise leaves brooch, a present by Veronica / broche de las hojas turquesa, un regalo de Veronica
- maps brooches, made by me (using some bottle caps and epoxy resin) / broches de mapas, hechos por mí, usando tapones de botellas de agua y resina epoxy

- denim jacket, second hand, AsosMarketplace boutique Bich / chaqueta vaquera de segunda mano, de Asos Marketplace boutique Bich
- bag, Matties (retail) old / bolso, marca Matties, antiguo
- neckerchief, a present (vintage) / pañuelo, un regalo

6 comentarios:

  1. Oh, I think it's a fabulous dress and you have styled it beautifully. Stripes are so full of impact and you've really added to it by the colourful tights and the yellow cardigan. I loved your map brooches and bags. With the red tights, scarf and denim jacket it looks wonderful. It's a very versatile dress and I'm sure you'll find even more ways to wear it!

    It's freezing here today so I hope you're keeping warm and enjoying your weekend.

  2. The horizontal stripes aren't flattering thing is a myth, which you've proved once again with these two delightful outfits. I'm loving the cheerful yellow and turquoise you added in your first outfit. Those map brooches are absolutely delightful, and so unique, and the perfect companions to your bag. I've been wearing quite a lot of red lately, so I'm loving your second outfit too. I'm loving your brolly, I've been looking for something similar! Besos xxx

  3. Perhaps wide horizontal stripes may make your body look wider but I don't think narrow ones, like in this dress do. I really like it layered under the gold cardigan, and with the red tights and denim jacket. You have an excellent eye for layers that look great together.

  4. You look sensational my lovely. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead x

  5. I knew Vronni would love that dress, I can see her rocking it too!
    What a fab dress, it's so cool and looks brilliant with everything you put with it. I especially love your map badges and matching bag - fab! What a great challenge! xxx

  6. I say "phooey!" to the so-called rules about horizontal stripes - I wore a dress of them this weekend too! I adore the ochre and turquoise combination, and I'm going to have to steal that! Love the striped dress with red too - very seasonal!