viernes, 10 de enero de 2020

purple & mood

Whatever the reason (weather, post-holiday blues) I've felt really uninspired this week, but also determined to improve my mood, so I've taken on the challenge of wearing some neglected clothes. I've picked some plum/violet color clothes that have felt into the 'orphans' box and tried to look for some new partners for them. Having recently purchased some purple clothes that tickled my fancy, and thinking that purple and violet shades can work together, I decided to match my new items with old ones and create some new combos. This vintage maxi skirt has been my first victim, so I wore it in different ways, some of them not completely successful, but it has been quite useful to decide which clothes I would keep (and which ones go out).

No sé por que razón (el tiempo, la vuelta de vacaciones) me he sentido muy poco inspirada esta semana, pero también decidida a animarme, así que me he puesto un reto de ponerme alguna ropa que tenía olvidada. He elegido prendas en tonos ciruela o violeta que se habían quedado 'huérfanas', y así poder mezclarlas con la ropa en morado que compré hace poco, y así darles nueva vida. En cambio, esta falda mantiene todo su encanto y sigue pareciéndome interesante, así que decidí ponérmela de diferentes maneras, y, aunque algunas no resultaron exactamente como yo quería, he conseguido depurar un poco mi armario y elegir qué quiero quedarme y qué se va fuera.

I'm not keeping the striped turtleneck nor the scarf. Also thinking that the green printed tunic would suit better my friend M. On the contrary, this recently purchased paisley shirt (below) is absolutely what I need in my wardrobe.

No voy a conservar ni el cuello vuelto ni la bufanda. Y también creo que esta túnica verde le quedaría mejor a mi amiga M. Por el contrario, esta blusa morada con dibujos cachemira es justo lo que le hace falta a mi vestuario.

Same skirt was worn on Jan2017 also on Apr2018 and on Feb2014 (and more times, but I've picked only a few ones!)

Esta misma falda en anteriores ocasiones, en Enero2017 y también en Abr2018 y en Feb2014 (hubo más ocasiones, pero escogí unas pocas)

6 comentarios:

  1. That skirt is so regal and the paisley shirt is wonderful with it.


  2. i love it
    pretty outfits, cool pictures!


  3. I love this colour on you and the paisley shirt is definitely a keeper (sorry,M!) xxx

  4. What a fabulous skirt, Monica, I love both its plummy purple colour and its texture. It does look fabulous on you, and I'm hoping that it managed to lift your mood. Both the Paisley blouse and the floral one in the photo on the right should be keepers, for sure! I'm hearing you on the green printed tunic, and I'm hoping that M. will give it a good home. Here's to hoping we'll get some brighter weather soon. It's been grey and wet here, not cold enough for winter, but very depressing! Besos xxx

  5. This plum look is stunning, I love that very much!!! January can be very un-motivating and un-inspiring. I will be glad when it's over :)) Wish you a wonderful new week :) besos!

  6. Oh, I LOVE this outfit! You look very Victorian, and that blouse emphasizes your waist so beautifully - it makes your legs look a million miles long.



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