martes, 21 de enero de 2020

massive flower & rain

We're having typically wintery weather, which means below zero at night and below 5ºC during the day (32º to 42ºF). At least we've not been affected by recent storms (including snowstorms) that have hitted the East of Spain. We only have to deal with a relatively normal amount of rain (and sleet) and it is something to be grateful for, as drought is becoming a problem every summer. Everybody looks increasingly interested in weather talk!.
This is what I've worn to go to work today. I think it's becoming my 'rainy day outfit'. It's no wonder, it ticks all the boxes: it's comfortable, waterproof and not totally boring, due to the massive flower skirt. All we need an extra dose of colourfulness in these rainy days (and an umbrella!)
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week and a slow fashion season.

Estamos teniendo el típico tiempo invernal, lo que significa que estamos a bajo cero de noche y unos pocos grados durante el día. Al menos no nos han afectado las últimas tormentas (y nieve) que han golpeado todo el este del país, sólo hemos tenido una cantidad de lluvia (y aguanieve) relativamente normal. Lo cual deberíamos agradecer, considerando los problemas de sequía que luego hay cada verano. Todos estamos hablando del tiempo muchísimo estos días.
Esto es lo que me puse para ir a trabajar, algo muy similar a lo que he llevado otros días de lluvia. No es de extrañar, ya que cumple todos los requisitos: es cómodo, resiste la lluvia y no es aburridísimo, gracias al detalle de la flor enorme y sus colores. Todos necesitamos una dosis extra de colorido en estos días lluviosos (y un paraguas!)
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible y libre de ropa de usar y tirar.

- puff coat, retail (old) / abrigo acolchado, tienda local
- massive flower skirt, second hand, sunday street market (see it previously) / falda de la flor enorme, de segunda mano, del mercadillo (anteriormente)
- black turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto negro
- jacket, a Mr.A.'s hoodie that I revamped ages ago / chaqueta, era de Mr.A. y la arreglé para mí hace siglos.
- boots, Treksta outlet (old) / botas
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- bag, by Nonapapallona, old / bolso, de Nonapapallona, antiguo
- necklace, a present / collar, un regalo

8 comentarios:

  1. LOVE this outfit! The colours just make me happy - on a rainy day, that's exactly what you need. The jacket is lovely, and that's one of my favourite skirts of yours.

    We're back to our regular menu of rain, wind, cold, repeat.

  2. I think we are sharing the same weather! Your colourful outfit (including the massive flower skirt!) is just what is needed to cheer up a grey and rainy day. I can't understand why people do not wear much colour this time of year, when it is actually needed the most! Love the striped jacket too, a revamped hoodie from Mr. A, no less. What a wonderful idea! Oh, and I'm loving the brolly too, I've been looking for a see-through one for ages! Besos xxx

  3. I saw on the news that there had been terrible storms in the Balearic Islands and down the east coast - good to know your area hasn't been badly affected. It looks terrible for the people in those regions.

    Massive flower will brighten any day - I love the red jacket and beads with it. It's really bold without being fussy.

  4. If you must be out in bad weather at leasy you look beautiful and stylish doing it. Love tham umbrella too!

  5. I like what you've done to Mr. A's hoodie! It's a perfect match for the massive flower skirt and you look so colourful and warm. It's been cold and miserable here, too. Never mind, Monica, Spring is on its way! Hopefully we'll all being wearing less clothing and having brighter (and longer) days!

    Hope you stay warm

  6. What a stunning outfit, dear Monica! I can see why it becomes your rainy day outfit - I'd wear it too! And I love how you wish us a slow fashion season - that is wise. I am on my way. <3

  7. We've had a mix of rain and snow recently too. There's nothing like a good punch of red to brighten a gloomy day.

  8. Such a beautiful outfit, you look fantastic x