viernes, 29 de marzo de 2019

yellow bag & being local

Actually I don't need another straw bag, but this one was a bargain I watched in a clearance sale, too great a temptation!. It saddens me to see that another shop is closing down, as I think that retail keeps the city friendly and convenient. I'm a huge fan of buying local, not only because it makes my city more liveable, but also because it makes my shopping more interesting!. I prefer not to spend my time in a massive supermarket whereas I like to run errands in our local market and shops, to chat with the people who is selling me fresh food and learn about the way it is produced or how to cook it properly. This chat with retailers, other customers (or even random people) is part of the fun!
It doesn't take too long to do the groceries shopping this way. Actually it's a time-saving activity. Have you ever considered how much time do you spend going to the supermarket by car and walking through (neverending) aisles, looking for products in the shelves, then coming back home with all those bags?. I think it's not even efficient, despite what we've been told!
Obviously we still have to buy some products in the supermarket, but we try to do it as little as posible. Do you also like to buy local?

La verdad es que no tengo ninguna necesidad de comprarme otro bolso de paja, pero este era una ganga que tenía fichada en una tienda que estaba liquidando, una tentación difícil de vencer. Por otro lado, me entristece ver que cierra otra tienda, siempre he pensado que los pequeños negocios mantienen la vida en la ciudad y la hacen cómoda. Me gusta el comercio local, no sólo por hacer la ciudad más agradable, sino también porque hacen más interesante salir a hacer la compra. Prefiero no tener que pasar tiempo en un hipermercado, me gusta más hacer recados en el mercado o en las tiendas pequeñas, charlar con las personas, aprender sobre qué verduras están en temporada o sobre recetas que me puedan aconsejar. Esta charla con los vendedores, con otros clientes o con gente de paso es buena parte de la diversión.
Tampoco lleva tanto tiempo hacer la compra de este modo. En realidad lo considero una actividad que me ahorra tiempo. ¿Alguna vez habéis considerado cuánto tiempo se tarda en ir hasta el super en coche, aparcar, pasearse por esos pasillos larguísimos, buscar los productos en las estanterías y luego volver a casa con las bolsas?. Creo que, contrariamente a todo lo que nos cuentan, no es nada eficiente.
Claro está que sigo comprando productos en el supermercado, pero intento hacerlo menos. ¿También preferís comprar más localmente y menos locamente?

Last Sunday was a sunny day and I wore one of my favourite maxi dresses And Sandals!, for the first time this year!.
This dress was bought retail twenty years ago.
Sporty sandals by elémenterre (outlet).

El domingo pasado hacía este sol magnífico y me puse uno de mis vestidos largos favoritísimos Y Sandalias, la primera vez del año!. Este vestido lo compré en una tiendecita hace unos veinte años, y sigue operativo. Las sandalias son de tipo deportivo, elémenterre, de un outlet de calzado.

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  1. I'd love to shop in smaller stores if we had any around my area. I live in a suburb and the only stores for groceries are big box stores. I tried out a "farmer's market" that we have in the summer and was super disappointed to see that over half the items they were selling came from the same sources as the box stores.

    Love the sunny bag with black, white and red.

    Looks like your weather is fantastic!


  2. You look fabulous! I adore your glasses and that wonderful coral jewellery with your funky dress and white sandals! Of course you HAD to buy another basket, it's the epitome of summer!
    I'm so with you on the shopping local. I always buy our fruit and veg from the market. I love chatting with the traders, having a laugh and a joke over the size of cucumbers. We often get a few freebies too as we're cheeky. xxx

  3. That yellow straw bag obviously had your name on it and I admit I wouldn't have been able to resist either! You're looking absolutely fabulous in your funky maxi dress, posing in front of that Forsythia bush (at least that's what I think it is), a true vision of Spring! As for local shops, there aren't many left in my little town. I don't even think we have a fruit & veg shop anymore. Such a pity, indeed. Besos xxx

  4. You couldn't pass up that bag when it will go so well with your dress!
    I do like to shop local when I can. We have a very small city, but I prefer to shop for produce at a greengrocer, bread at the bakery, meat at the butcher, etc. Sometimes the supermarket can't be avoided, but it is such a misery to shop there.

  5. I used to shop in my local market for fruit and veg on a Saturday when I worked full time but I stopped doing it as I didn't want to shop at weekends.The market is only there twice a week including Saturday. I now shop at three supermarkets on a weekly basis and have got it down to a fine art; it's over in about 90 minutes! I certainly support my local charity shops; secondhand shops and occasionally our local butchers.

    I love your new yellow bag - sunshine in a bag! Your maxi dress is beautiful and you look fabulous in it. Hurray for sandals and the weather that enables you to wear them! I've managed to wear shoes with out tights recently for the first time this year.

    Have a great week.

  6. What a super outfit for strolling around the markets and local shop Monica. I just love the freedom a maxi dress affords and yet they look so well put together too. The yellow backdrop is a perfect tie in for your straw bag, clever you! And hurrah that the weather is good enough for sandals - it's suddenly gone cold with us now and I'm back wearing boots once again. Have a lovely week x

  7. AHHHHH.. you look FABULOUS!
    I love this look on you.
    YES to local shopping.
    YES to mixing accessories and not looking boring.
    YES to your unique and inspiring style!!
    Samantha :o)

  8. That dress is smashing on you! And I love that beautiful bag! The yellow forsythia is out here too - I've been seeing giant bushes of it all over town.

    I'm lucky that we have a lot of options here for shopping local - I shop in person at a locally-owned/operated grocery store and have them deliver it (no charge!), and I also always shop in person in actual stores, mostly locally-owned. It's so important to support local businesses in downtown!