martes, 2 de abril de 2019

spring as usual

I'm ready to do my first switch between seasons, not a massive one because I prefer to do it gradually. Ironically some snow is forecasted for tomorrow, so this shearling coat is going to stay with me for (at least) a week more.
After last summery pictures, these ones look like a blast to the past but they were taken eight days ago. Weather can be really warm here in 'the sunny Spain', but this is only half of the story. Spring mornings are typically chilly (2ºC / 35ºF). So my outfits seem to be from different seasons depending on the time of the day I wore them. Obviously, weather also changes from day to day, making things even more interesting.
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week!

Estoy lista para empezar a hacer el cambio de estación, aunque sea uno pequeño y lo vaya haciendo gradualmente. Irónicamente, se supone que va a nevar mañana mismo, así que este abrigo va a seguir conmigo por lo menos una semana más.
Después de las últimas fotos veraniegas que puse, ahora parece que hemos hecho un viaje al pasado, pero resulta que así estaba vestida hace sólo ocho días. El tiempo puede ser muy bueno aquí en 'la soleada España' pero diciendo ésto se cuenta sólo la mitad. Porque luego resulta que las mañanas son muy frescas en primavera (2ºC / 35ºF). Así que dependiendo de a qué hora del día me saque fotos, parecen de diferentes épocas del año. Y luego también cambia el tiempo de día en día, porque así es la primavera.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible.

- shearling coat, second hand / abrigo de piel vuelta, de segunda mano
- crochet cardi and hat, made by me / chaqueta y gorro de ganchillo
- dress, Praslin (bought years ago) / vestido, de hace años
- sneakers, Nike outlet (old) / zapatillas
- Frida brooch, made by me (a magazine cut out, some beads and epoxy varnish) / broche, fabricación casera (un recorte de revista, unas cuentas y barniz epoxy)
- earrings, retail (old) / pendientes, tienda local
- scarf, street market / pañuelo, de mercadillo

Last week there was a charity market organised by a friend of a friend and I had been volunteering every evening, only for one or two hours a day. As a note, it's always shocking to see the massive amount of clothes and stuff that people can accumulate in their homes.
Obviously, I've been a good costumer too and bought in bulk (charity markets are not very frequent here, so I have to make the most of them!). These are some of the clothes I purchased: some tops/tunics, scarves and a bunch of necklaces. I've planned to sew a skirt from these scarves (inspired by Vix here and here). One of the scarves is massive enough to wrap myself in it completely!. Also purchased some sundresses and beach dresses which I'll show as soon as possible!.
I'd like to write a post about second hand and charities in my neck of the woods, (Suzanne suggested it!) but I have to find the time!

La semana pasada se celebró un mercadillo solidario organizado por la amiga de una amiga y estuve ayudando cada tarde, aunque sólo pude hacerlo una o dos horas cada día. Como observación, es increíble siempre la cantidad de ropa y cosas que la gente puede acumular en su casa.
Evidentemente, también fuí muy buena clienta y compré en cantidad (tengo que aprovechar, este tipo de mercadillos tampoco son todos los días). Algunas de las cositas que compré fueron estos tops/túnicas, chales y un buen puñado de collares. Había planeado coserme una falda a partir de los chales (estilo Vix aquí y aquí) , uno de ellos tiene material como para envolverme entera!. También compré unos vestidos de verano y de playa, pero ya los iré enseñando.
Me gustaría escribir algo sobre las tiendas de segunda mano que hay en mi zona (gracias a Suzanne por la sugerencia), pero tengo que encontrar tiempo!.

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  1. I love your pink, turquoise and blue outfit! Love the print of the skirt and the Frida Kahlo brooch. Your shearling coat has certainly proved a useful and attractive addition to your wardrobe. I hope your Spring like weather continues. We had winter this morning - cold, overcast and wet; and then this afternoon the sun came out and it looked like Spring again!

    It is quite shocking the amount of clothing people buy and discard. We have so much stuff come into our charity shop brand new still with their labels on and whilst I appreciate some of the stuff - particularly babies stuff - might be presents it can't all be unwanted presents! Anyway, good for you for helping out at the charity fair and I love what you bought. The tunics are fab and the scarves are such lovely colours. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Fabulous necklaces, too!

  2. Another great colourful outfit! The weather here on the west coast of Canada is very similar this time of year - it can be lovely one day and frigid and cold the next, then followed by rain. And sometimes all in the same day!

    I know, it is shocking how much new clothing I see in thrift and consignment stores - and much of it is fast fashion and very poor quality. I'm wearing a pair of trousers today that are sized XL (I am usually a S-M) - I think the very erratic sizing of fast fashion that's purchased online definitely contributes to the unworn things found second-hand.

    You got some great purchases!

  3. I cannot wait to see the dress you make with those scarves! Vix is inspiring to many to take to their sewing machines! I love it!

    I understand your weather. A few days ago I was ready to go without a coat and then on the weekend we got a bunch of snow dumped on us. I wasn't too pleased.

    My favourite shot of your outfit is from above where you can see all of your accessories. So much wonderful colour!


  4. Wow! that pop-up market looks wonderful, I'm weak with envy over those lovely scarves, I can't wait to see what you make! Isn't it awful how much stuff people have and cast out? Why are earth are they buying it if they can go off it that quickly?
    You look fantastic in your shades of hot pink and blue, the Frida brooch and that glorious psych scarf.
    It sounds like we're sharing weather, we've had sleet today, too - no sign of last week's spring like weather. Boo!

  5. Spring is a bit erratic here as well, so I didn't pack away all my Winter clothes just yet. Like you, I like doing it gradually. You're looking looking a sight for sore eyes in your happiness inducing pink and blue outfit. I'm in love with the Frida brooch. How amazing that you made it yourself, it looks properly professional. Love the tunics, scarves and necklaces you picked up at the charity market. Can't wait to see what you'll make. Besos xxx

  6. Our Autumn weather became cold last week for a couple of days, but it has warmed up again. Just enough coldness to warn of things to come. I ordered some thermal underwear today on the strength of it!
    Your wardrobe must be paradise on earth with all the colours you wear.
    I have been sorting out my jewellery and been shocked at how much I have. I could happily never purchase another thing. I am blessed.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  7. We had lovely Spring weather this past weekend, but it is supposed to be cold again later this week. I've packed away some of my hard-core cold weather clothing and winter boots, but kept out some things to layer when it's chilly. Those scarves are wonderful rich colours - I look forward to seeing what you make with them. I like the colourful tunics too - they will fit with your wardrobe perfectly.

  8. You are always ready for spring - I just love that!! Yeah, this whole see-saw weather thing is very confusing. And I grew up thinking Spain was warm and sunny all year long. Thanks for the reality check. Great scores at the shop. You'll have fun playing with these pieces!