martes, 9 de abril de 2019

weekend & rain

We have been out for the weekend visiting my parents and some old friends in my native city (link to touristic info), which is only an hour's drive from home. However, we don't visit it frequently whatever the reason.
Obviously there was also some food tasting and some long walks through the city. We also had fun pretending to be tourists, but I didn't take too many pictures because, you know, I'm usually too busy enjoying the views (or the food!)

Hemos estado fuera el fin de semana, visitando a mis padres y algunos viejos amigos en mi ciudad natal, que está sólo a una hora de distancia en coche. Tampoco la visitamos muy frecuentemente, sea por lo que sea.
Evidentemente, también hubo que visitar unos bares de pinchos y dar unos paseos. Nos divierte hacer el turista, pero al final nunca saco muchas fotos porque, ya sabéis, suelo estar demasiado entretenida disfrutando de las vistas (o de la comida!)

Typical touristic picture with my mom

Foto típica turística con mi mamá.

Totally my kind of house (mwhaha). This one is called 'Villa Sofía', was built in 1902 and now it accommodates the city Museums' administrative office.

Totalmente mi tipo de casa (claro que sí). Se llama Villa Sofía, construida en 1902 y ahora mismo alberga las oficinas de los museos de la ciudad. Y está en un bonito paseo

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  1. Vittoria has just gone on to my wish list! Those houses are glorious. Despite the wet weather both you and your Mum are bringing the sunshine in your fabulously colourful outfits. xxx

  2. What a beautiful town! And I would like to live in that house, too! Imagine all the space you'd have for your wardrobe ;-) Lovely to see the photo of you and your Mum! Besos xxx

  3. What a beautiful town. Lovely photo of you and your mom.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous place! The architecture is amazing - that house!! I would also totally live there. Aw, your mum is lovely. Don't you two look awesome??