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lava & holidays

This post has been delayed for too many days yet, so my holidays pictures seem like a distant memory (not a drama queen myself, absolutely!). (See previous post here
He estado posponiendo este post tanto tiempo, que ya las vacaciones parecen un recuerdo lejano (no soy nada exagerada, en absoluto!). Podéis ver el anterior post aquí.

These are some of the pictures we took whereas going in an excursión to see the volcanoes and lava landscapes in Lanzarote, and most of them were took from the only viewpoint that it's permitted, because the National Park is highly protected so nobody can walk outside the roads or even visit the volcanoes area by themselves. Visitors are taken in a bus route because it's not permited to put a single foot on the protected area!. Anyway the landscapes are breathtaking, they make you feel like visiting a different planet!

Estas fotos son de una excursión para ver los volcanes y toda la zona cubierta de lava en Lanzarote, la mayoría desde el centro de visitantes, porque el Parque Natural está protegido y se visita en bus, sin poner un pie en el suelo. Igualmente el paisaje es sobrecogedor y parece totalmente otro planeta (tópico, pero cierto).

We visited a winery (obviously) and watched the vineyards, which are protected from wind with some circular walls built around them. The black volcanic gravel is used to keep the much-needed humidity in the ground and it creates a really amazing coloring in the landscape.

También se visitan bodegas típicas y se ve el paisaje de viñedos, protegidos del viento por esos muretes circulares. La gravilla volcánica negra se usa para evitar que la humedad se evapore, y así se consigue cultivar en este clima árido. Además, el colorido del paisaje es espectacular.

We also visited some volcanic caves (links here and here) which were minimally refurbished to accommodate tourism by César Manrique, a local artist who bringed environmental respect into the island in the 70's. These caves hosted even a nightclub in the 70's, but they're almost untouched, having only stairs and a banister added to make the visit safer. They were fascinating places and I loved particularly the furniture designed by the artist himself. I totally support the idea that natural places can be enjoyed without being totally spoiled!

También se visitan las cuevas volcánicas que fueron acondicionadas por el artista César Manrique en los 70 para acoger el turismo, de forma poca invasiva, sólo unos senderos y barandillas. Dentro de las cuevas se instaló incluso una discoteca en los 70, y hay un restaurante muy bonito. Me encantó el mobiliario diseñado por el artista y toda su filosofía del cuidado de la naturaleza y el aspecto tradicional.

-----Back to Real Life----
And this skirt was my only holidays purchase and it was bought at a street market which I enjoyed a lot. Probably I was captivated by the hippietastic atmosphere so I feel compeled to buy something floaty and colorful and picked this double-sided skirt!. There were months without having bought any new clothes, so I consider this purchase as a relapse, not a sign of failure.
I wore it with this bolero jacket (part of an 80's suit which Vix sent me some time ago) whose color matches!. However I think that it makes me look shorter, because of the proportions. Probably I can do better!
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week!

Esta falda fue la única cosa que compré en las vacaciones, en el mercadillo de Teguise que me gustó tanto. Probablemente me obnubilé con el ambiente hippie y cedí al impulso de comprar alguna prenda vaporosa y colorida y escogí esta falda que además es reversible. Hacía meses que no compraba ropa, así que considero esto tan sólo una recaída, más que un fallo.
Me puse la falda con esta chaqueta bolero, parte de un traje de los ochenta que me envió Vix, porque el color combina. Pero creo que me recorta la figura, por las proporciones o algo, así que intentaré hacerlo mejor.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible!

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  1. It's been years since I visited Lanzarote. I'd forgotten about the amazing other-worldly landscape. I'm very impressed that tourists can only view the volcano via an organised tour, very sensible to avoid that wonderful area being ruined by careless tourism.
    I loved Caesar Manrique's sculptures and his house but I never saw those wonderful caves. How forward thinking was he?
    The market at Teguise was great even back in the 1990s - I fell in love with some tiles and had to wrap them very carefully on the flight home.
    The skirt is wonderful with the jacket. Goody has a similar one - I used to buy them in India for pennies and sell them when I got home, they paid for our flights! You look every inch the cool hippy chick (and not like a tyoical tourist in cropped beige trousers, Crocs and a fleece!) xxx

  2. Those volcano and lava landscapes, and the otherworldly vineyards are awe inspiring. Too right that they're protecting these ancient, unspoilt landscapes! The caves and César Manrique's furniture are stunning as well. Thank you for taking me along to this - for me - unknown part of the world! The skirt you bought is fabulous, and well-deserved after months of abstinence ;-) I actually think the bolero jacket works really well with it. Besos xxx

  3. The scenery is reminiscent of a moonscape! My daughter and eldest Grandson visited many years ago and took some wonderful photos. I'm very glad the landscape is protected by the authorities - it will last longer! I loved the caves.

    Your floaty skirt is fabulous; so feminine and such lovely colours and patterns. I thought the jacket look great with the skirt and your accessories, as always, are wonderful.

    Hope you have a great week.

  4. That skirt is a wonderful wearable souvenir of your vacation.

    I think they are right protecting the landscape. So few places do it.


  5. I love the bolero with this gorgeous skirt - those sleeves are fab! What an awesome-looking place!

  6. The vineyard is incredible looking. What a beautiful skirt.