miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018

went for a walk

I've been on holiday last week and cut down on my internet use, which has been shockingly easy to get used to. Actually, it's not so strange when you're exploring, walking through picturesque streets, visiting all kind of shops and cafés and sitting on cute terraces (oh, Paris!).

He estado de vacaciones la semana pasada y he cortado el uso de internet, y ha sido increíblemente fácil hacerlo. En realidad, no es tan raro, porque estaba explorando, paseando por calles pintorescas, visitando toda clase de tiendas y cafés y terrazas muy cuquis (oh, París!)

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  1. What a fab post - loving that street art and seeing both you and Mr A out and about.
    Having an internet break is so good for our mental health! xxx

  2. Paris? : ) .

    Glad you had a great holiday.


  3. Thank you for taking us along with you! Wonderful pictures and wonderful vacation!
    I never go online when we travel. :)

  4. You went to Paris!! Oh, lovely pictures! I was there in 2010, just for a few days, and oh, these pictures bring it back to me. I love your tropical trousers! They look fabulous for travel.

    Good to see you again. It IS easy to step away from blogging, isn't it? It's a nice break, good for you.

  5. Wonderful photos, Monica! I loved the street art and you look like a piece of art yourself in those wonderful floral trousers. I loved Paris when I was there. OH had a friend who lived there and we stayed with him and went to lots of non touristy places which was very interesting.

    It's good to get a break from the internet and blogging from time to time...


  6. Looks fantastic, I do love Paris. I'm glad you had a fun time :))) xxx

  7. Paris - so beautiful! love your colorful look, and I'm glad you enjoyed it all, xox


  8. If I am visiting an interesting place, or spending time with friends I don't see very often it is very easy for me to abandon the internet for days on end. I went to Paris about 10 years ago and I loved it. It was just like I thought it would look after seeing it in so many movies.

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