viernes, 8 de junio de 2018

clash of prints

Once more, my sewing skills have been summoned and I managed to sew a pair of jungle print trousers (as if I'm running short of them, haha). This fabric has been a nightmare to sew, because it is particularly slippery, but I was thinking all the time on how cool is to wear a pair of flowy pants, so I didn't give up!. And now I have this wide and flowy pants, with some parrots and tropical plants on them, and they swoosh when I walk!
Obviously, I took this pictures in a windy day, to make things more interesting, as my clothes were moving all the time, particularly those fab flowy pants. I picked a floral shirt and a striped jacket, because I was looking for something 80's and thought on a good clash of prints to link Modish Matrons: Inspired by the 80's

De nuevo he echado mano de mis (pocas) habilidades de costura y he conseguido coserme este par de pantalones con estampado tropical (como si me hiciera falta otro par!). Esta tela ha sido una pesadilla de coser, es muy resbalosa, pero estaba pensando todo el rato en cómo mola llevar pantalones de tejidos fluidos, así que no me rendí!. Y ahora tengo estos pantalones muy anchos y muy sueltos, con loros y estampado tropical, y flotan maravillosamente cuando camino.
Evidentemente, tenía que sacarme fotos en un día de viento, para añadirle interés, con la ropa moviéndose todo el tiempo, especialmente mis estupendos pantalones anchos. Y elegí una camisa con florecitas y una chaqueta de rayas, porque buscaba alto ochentero, y me pareció que esta mezcla de estampados iba bien para unirme al enlace Modish Matrons: Inspired by the 80's

- shirt, made of a lounge dress which I bough second hand / camisa, hecha de una batita de abuela que compré en el mercadillo
- striped jacket/coat, from a friend's lumber room / chaqueta de rayas, del trastero de una amiga
- shoes, El Naturalista (old) / zapatos
- bag, Etsy / bolso
- necklace, Sfera (very old) / collar
- brooch, charity shop / broche, tienda solidaria
- bracelets, Sfera, flea markets / pulseras, de Sfera y mercadillos

6 comentarios:

  1. I'm glad you stuck with it because the pattern on those pants is so cool! Love the mix of prints too.


  2. They were well worth the effort - I love them. Those beads are pretty darned splendid, too! xxx

  3. I'm glad you persevered with the tricky sewing project, as those trousers look pretty amazing. It looks absolutely wonderful with the striped jacket and those beads are just fantastic! Besos xxx

  4. Monica, you look GORGEOUS! It is one of my favorite outfits of yours for sure! I always enjoy your black and white outfits and clash of prints - you are genius! Slippery fabric is the most challenging to work with, so you are my hero. The print is amazing - what a great addition to your colorful wardrobe!

    Thank you for linking with Modish Matrons - such a joy to have you! <3

  5. I see your sewing skills are great and I love your pants with the amazing print! Cool combo in general!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. How lovely are your pants! Amazing combination of colors and pattern.
    And wow you are so talented, you have so ggood sewing skills. Amazing.

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