lunes, 4 de junio de 2018

gingham & hot pink pants

I had to seize the opportunity of a sunny moment to take pictures at the garage alley, as it has been rainy for some days. This shady alley provides privacy for my shady business but absolutely no glamour at all!.
Fortunately it didn't rain at the weekend and I could run errands and enjoy some nice walks, but clouds look menacing now!
I wore (for the first time!) this gingham top that I sew last summer. It was stored for some months and rediscovered now, which has been a delightful surprise!. I like how the back fits me, because I have had problems to find clothes with a defined waist (in my size!). Not every plus size lady wants loose or boxy tops! And you can enjoy a totally gratuitous view of my derriére ;DDD
Joining another Fake Fabulous Link: Do you wear your favorite color? and wishing you a visible week!

Con toda la lluvia de los últimos días, tuve que aprovechar este momentito soleado para sacar unas fotos en el callejón del garaje. Que es un rincón a salvo de miradas indiscretas, pero no tiene glamour en absoluto!
Por suerte no llovió el fin de semana y pude salir a hacer recados y caminar por ahí, pero ahora mismo las nubes tienen una pinta muy amenazante!
He estrenado este top de cuadros vichy que cosí el verano pasado y que se había pasado meses guardado. Redescubrirlo ahora ha sido una sorpresa estupenda. Me gusta cómo me ajusta la espalda, porque cuesta encontrar ropa con una cintura definida (en mi talla!). No todas las damiselas de talla grande quieren tops sueltos sin forma. Y de regalo, podéis deleitaros con una vista trasera! ;DD
Me apunto al link en Fake Fabulous: Do you wear your favorite color? y espero que tengáis una semana muy visible

- trousers, PuntRoma (last summer sales) / pantalón, de las rebajas de verano pasadas
- beach dress, 4x4 (old) / vestido playero
- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / Merceditas
- pink shawl, retail / chal rosa
- bag, Nonapapallona years ago / bolso, Nonapapallona, de hace años

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  1. Shady business or not, you are looking fabulous, Monica! Those hot pink trousers are perfect with the handmade gingham top, and it looks really fab in the back. You've done a good job there. I don't know who invented the idea that plus size ladies should wear boxy tops, but that's such rubbish. Creating a waist like you did looks so much better. I love the shirt/coat you've added, bringing it all together, and the necklace is gorgeous! Besos xxx

  2. Our backs are so pretty it's a shame they are so often covered in drapes.
    That top is a stunner. How could you have forgotten it?!
    Loving the long coat as well. I would definitely wear that.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  3. You know I could pick one of your outfits to feature on my blog every week! Hahahahaha
    I always feel better after look at your blog!
    Another fab look.
    Fake Fabulous | Style Tips and Fun with Fashion, over 40

  4. Those pink trousers are so good! they fit you perfectly and look amazing! xxx

  5. You look gorgeous! I love your fitted gingham top - take it to Spy Girl's blog she's doing a gingham thing at the moment. I love how the pink zings with the pops of yellow, and how smart to wear your beach dress as a kimono!

    Hope the sun is shining now

  6. Such a beautiful and joyful ensemble! I love the pink pants and this overpiece very much - and the addition of this top is just perfect! It fits you really well!!

    I love eShakti because they make custom tailoring, and it really makes a huge difference in the way clothes fits you. <3

  7. You did a great job with the fit in the back for the gingham top. Many women think if they are a larger size that they can only wear loose fitting drapey clothes, but they don't realize that can make them look bigger, whereas clothing that fits like that top looks so much more flattering.

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