viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

sundress & heatwave

It has been so hot last days and I've felt so tired than dressing up looked like a waste of energy and time, when all you could think was how to keep yourself as cool as possible. But I've just picked a cool breeze dress to run some errands early in the morning, and I've added some arm candy and big earrings, which are my options to cheer up any outfit when layering is impossible. I encourage you to wear your bigger earrings and bracelets in this heat and keep your coolness! A big hat is also a good idea!

Ha hecho tanto calor estos últimos días, y me he sentido tan agotada, que arreglarse para salir parecía una pérdida de tiempo y energía, cuando todo lo que tenías en mente era mantenerte fresquita. Pero me puse este vestido ligero y fresco para salir a hacer recados, temprano por la mañana, y le añadí unas cuantas pulseras y unos pendientes grandes, que son mi mejor opción cuando no se pueden usar superposiciones porque mueres de calor. Os animo a poneros pendientes bien grandes, bisutería a tope, en medio del calor y mantener un poco de actitud! También vienen bien los sombreros grandes!

- dress, Lady Vintage London (many years ago) / vestido, de hace años
- bag, Surkana (old) / bolso
- bracelets, flea markets, charity shops... / pulseras, de mercadillos, de tiendas de caridad
- sandals, InterBios (old) / sandalias

This dress was worn previously many times. And I've realized that Aug2014 and Jul2014 were not so hot than this melting June, as I even worn some cardis!

Este mismo vestido me lo he puesto ya muchas veces, pero me he dado cuenta de que ni Ag2014 ni Jul2014 fueron tan calurosos como está siendo este Junio de derretirse, ya véis que incluso llevaba chaquetita!


Another bunch of bracelets!

Otro racimo de pulseras!

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  1. You look lovely and cool . I also resort to a cool sundress on these hot humid days...Natural fibers are my best friend .

  2. Our heatwave has gone - thank goodness! I know exactly what you mean about finding it hard to keep cool but this sundress is beautiful; it looks amazing with no other layers but equally amazing with the layers. A very clever dress! I love all the fabulous bracelets and you have some brilliant sandals, too.

    Keep cool!


  3. We've had several scorchingly hot days here too. That striped dress is the perfect outfit for days like that, and I agree, when it's too hot for a layered outfit, just pile on the accessories. I wish I could find a dress in a simple shape like that.

  4. Massive earrings are the way to go in a heatwave, I quite agree! That dress is fabulous and i'm in love with that bag. xxxx

  5. You look so effortless and cool! Beating the heatwave in style.
    This is when short hair comes into it's own.... cool, comfortable and fabulous!
    I love your little blue toes too... mini ice cubes :o)
    Fake Fabulous | Style and Fashion, over 40

  6. What a wonderful dress, Monica: it's looking cool in both senses of the word. I also love your stack of bangles and your bag. I agree with you that everything is taking too much effort and energy during a heatwave, even getting dressed, but hey: we have standards to keep up, haven't we ;-) xxx