lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

shirts & trousers

We've been withstanding a heatwave for more than a week, 35ºC (95ºF) everyday (that's unusual, but not totally awful) and 25ºC (77ºF) every night, which is pretty uncomfortable!. These temperatures are really high, as June was used to be chilly (in the North of Spain), the kind of weather that makes you think on wearing a cardi over your summery clothes. I'm missing some normal weather conditions.
I've been walking a little bit these days, just a few metres, as my ankle is feeling better. Obviously, everybody runs errands early in the morning, because it's too hot to be outside later. It's so boring to be at home almost the whole day!
That's what I worn to buy some groceries with Mr.A., who is taking me everywhere by car!. I'm wearing trousers to cover my ankle splint, but I picked the lighter fabrics I could find, white linen and cotton gauze. I'm not absolutely happy with that first outfit, I think that a pair of bold color trousers would look better, but it was a comfy outfit anyway. The floral shirt was made of a 'granny dress' which I bought second hand.
Have a nice week, whatever the weather! and join the party at Visible Monday!

Hemos estado aguantando una ola de calor más de una semana, 35ºC cada día (lo que es raro, pero no totalmente horrible) y 25ºC cada noche, lo que sí que es molesto de verdad. Estas temperaturas son realmente muy altas, Junio solía ser un mes fresquito aquí en el norte, con ese tipo de tiempo que te hace pensar en llevarte una chaquetita porque enseguida refresca. Echo de menos que haga un tiempo más normal.
He podido caminar un poquito estos días, unos pocos metros, según mi tobillo se va mejorando. Evidentemente, todo el mundo sale a hacer sus recados temprano, porque después ya se pone insoportable. Es aburridísimo estarse casi todo el día en casa.
Esto es lo que me he puse para salir a comprar unos comestibles con Mr.A., que me lleva a todos lados en coche. Llevo pantalones para ocultar la tobillera, pero escogí las telas más ligeras que pude encontrar, lino blanco y gasa de algodón. No estoy del todo contenta con el primer pantalón, creo que otro, de un color más vivo, quedaría mejor, pero de todos modos, iba muy cómoda y fresca. La camisa de florecitas salió de un vestido 'de abuelita' que compré de segunda mano.
Que paséis una buena semana, con cualquier clima!, y podéis uniros a la fiesta del Visible Monday

- white pants, La Redoute (old) / pantalón blanco
- shirt, revamped, second hand / camisa, reformada, segunda mano
- bracelets, Sfera, DayaDay... / pulseras
- parrots bag, by Eme (old) / bolso de loros, de Eme (old)
- sandals, Inter-Bios (outlet) / sandalias

- shirt, vintage? / camisa, ¿vintage?
- harem pants, very old / pantalones, antigüitos
- sandals, Inter-Bios (outlet) / sandalias
- bag, Surkana (old) / bolso
- big bracelet, DIY papier maché / pulsera gorda, de papel maché
- little badget, DIY / brochecito, hecho por mí

5 comentarios:

  1. Two fabulous outfits! We've got hot weather, too. Long may it last!
    Go easy on that ankle. xxx

  2. You must be very bored...

    The hot weather continues here too and last night it was unbearably hot and difficult to sleep.

    I like both your outfits - they both look so cool and summery. I love how the shirt and harem pants are such a fabulous colour match. Wonderful bangles, beads and brooches, too. It would be good to compare collections one day!


  3. Love both these warm weather looks, and I am partial to the bright teal trousers! Thanks for linking up, xox


  4. I disagree, the white pants are a lovely contrast to the black top. Despite the hot temps and the busted ankle, you look stylish and happy! Your turquoise starfish in your hair exactly mirrors the pattern on your shirt.
    I hate the hot boring days too, although we are freezing here in Oz. xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I love both your outfits, but I think you look absolutely stunning in white trousers! Love the starfish in your hair too! It's good that you have Mr. A. to drive you around while your ankle is healing. A bonus in such hot weather too! xxx