domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

holidays #2

I'm back from holidays, a day before it was expected, because I twisted my ankle (once more). After walking uphill and downhill some picturesque villages and lots of footpaths paved with slippery stones, I managed myself to twist my ankle when walking on a parking (irony!). At least, we've visited some really beautiful places in Dordogne, which we would like to go back in the future. Now I'm at home, resting and letting my ankle heal by itself for a week or so, and feeling a little bit stupid because of my crappy ankle.
Anyway, I've enjoyed a fab holiday!

Estoy de vuelta de las vacaciones, un día antes de lo previsto, porque me torcí un tobillo (otra vez). Después de haber subido y bajado cuestas en todos esos pueblecitos tan típicos, con sus callejas de piedrecillas resbaladizas, me las arreglé para torcerme el tobillo en un parking (ironía). Al menos, hemos visitado unos lugares realmente bonitos en la Dordoña, que me gustaría volver a ver en otra ocasión. Ahora, estoy en casa, descansando y dejando que el tobillo se cure, tengo por lo menos para una semana, y sintiéndome un poco estúpida por culpa de este tobillo hecho polvo que tengo.
De todos modos, he tenido unas vacaciones estupendas!

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7 comentarios:

  1. How annoying! We don't appreciate our ankles until they go on us. Totally ruins the vibe!
    Sorry you had to leave your gorgeous holiday early. Rest up well. Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. So sorry you got hurt! These pics are wonderful and you look so happy. xox


  3. Gracias al tobillo vas a descansar. No te machaques, la vida tienes esas cosas.
    Eres tan divina y tan amiga que te siento cerca.
    Descansa y recupérate

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your ankle. Ouch!
    You and Mr Alnutt both look fantastic and the scenery is wonderful. xxx

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your sore ankle - hope it heals quickly.

    Dordogne looks wonderful and I love your outfits.


  6. Wonderful photos of your holiday in the Dordogne. Sorry to hear about your ankle though. At least it happened near the end of your holiday and not at the beginning ... Lovely outfits, too, you must have turned quite a few heads with your colourful attire. I wouldn't mind a closer look at that hat you're wearing! Besos xxx

  7. So beautiful, and such a colorful you! I am wishing you to get well really soon, it's no fun to be hurt... Lots of love!



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