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ppp post: white shirt

I've being invited to join this month's PPP post by lovely Samantha which has picked this month's theme: a classic white shirt!. I felt very grateful (still do!) and enthusiastic!, until I realized that I don't own any classic white shirt!, and that this piece is like my archenemy!. Because white color near my face make me look washed out!. No problemo, I could wear my favorite red lipstick and a colorful necklace. A big one.
Furthermore, there's another challenge. I've developed an aversion to white shirts and navy pleated skirts, as they were my school uniform for many years. I don't do shirts, actually. I had to overturn my wardrobe to find this tunic shirt, which ticked all the boxes. It doesn't look very classic and crisp, it even has a seersucker texture which I think it's interesting. And I had a little 'cheat' by using it open! (winks!)

Estoy encantada con la invitación a unirme al PingPongPost, una divertida manera de compartir inspiración, cuatro blogs de estilo bien diferente llevando una misma prenda, este mes se trata de una camisa blanca. Al principio, me sentí llena de agradecimiento (todavía sigo) y de entusiasmo, hasta que me dí cuenta de que no tengo ni una camisa blanca clásica, y que es como mi archienemigo!. Primero, porque el color blanco, sobre todo cerca de la cara, me hace parecer (más) descolorida. Sin problema!, puedo ponerme mi rojo de labios favorito y un collar bien colorido. Uno bien grande!
Además, otro desafío. Le tengo una antipatía muy gorda a las camisas blancas y a las faldas de tablas azul marino, que eran el uniforme que llevaba en el colegio. En realidad, ni siquiera llevo camisas. Tuve que revolver todos los armarios para encontrar esta camisa-túnica, que cumplía los requisitos. No es la camisa clásica almidonada, incluso tiene esta textura arrugada que me parece interesante. Y he hecho un poco de trampa, llevándola abierta (guiño!)

- pants, Festa (old) / pantalón
- white shirt, La Redoute (ages ago) / camisa blanca, de hace siglos
- shoes, El Naturalista (last summer sales) / zapatos, rebajas del año pasado
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- orange trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina naranja
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar
- bag, Surkana (old) / bolso

Such a fabulous outfit, I love all those rich textures, the waistcoat, the shiny boots!. And I think there's some 70's rockstar vibe which I love, elegant and cool!

Outfit details -

Blouse: charity shopped
Waistcoat: River Island
Trousers: Primark
Boots: Primark
Ring and pendant: charity shopped
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Such a brilliant layering!, I like particularly her red dress and that cute shirt poking out in the neckline. Please, take note of those fabulous shoes too!!.

DRESS: Bonmarché
BELT: French Connection
SHOES: Office
BAG: Hidesign

I love how she's rocking her usual fabulousness in a white outfit!, so elegant and always genuine!. Fabulous accessorizing indeed!

Earrings--Forever 21
Too many other baubles to mention!
Jeans--Gloria Vanderbelt from charity shop, double DIYed hem by me

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  1. I'm not a fan of the white shirt either - far too corporate - but I love how you've substituted it for a kimono. Much more fun and perfect with your fabulously colourful clothes. xxx

  2. I love how you found this workaround for the white shirt, although if you got anywhere near me with my paint and brushes, there might be a very interesting outcome. Hahaha! I have a couple of white shirts for when I get in that rebellious buttoned-up strict school-teacher mood or corporate mood with a tie. Samantha, Anna, and Ann have all done great jobs with their blouses too, each so different.

  3. That surely is the "Monica" of wearing a white shirt! I'm not a fan either, and do not own one. Just like you, white shirts and navy pleated skirts make me think of school uniform. They must be universal, because that's what most school uniforms look like in Belgium too. And the funny thing is: I didn't even have to wear uniform at my school ... xxx

  4. Correction, I meant: the "Monica" WAY of wearing a white shirt! xxx

  5. It's a kimono and it looks fab on you! I also love your red lipstick and those beads are beautiful...


  6. La verdad es que el blanco va mal con las pieles blancas, vamos como para la mía el nude, pero lo has transformado con tus toques de color. Qué divertido y me encantan las demás opciones
    Mil beso reina

  7. I think we all agree with you Monica about our school days scarring us for years - who wants to wear white shirts when we don't have to? You did an excellent job of wearing this version of the white shirt in your very own way. The textured overshirt is certainly nothing like the simple/boring white shirts we see everywhere, so 10/10 for that!

    Anna x

  8. I knew you would do something a little different Monica.
    Wonderful cheating :oP
    I laughed at the thought of you rummaging through your wardrobe for shirt and not finding one!
    You (as always) ROCK....brilliant colour mixing and generally fabulousness.
    That is why you are one of my favourite bloggers.
    Fake Fabulous | Fashion & Style, over 40

  9. I have the exact same aversion to white shirts. They don't do a thing for me.

    I think you did an awesome job here although I will admit I still like the photo of you better with your bright trench coat on covering up the white. Ha ha!


  10. I'm with you on white shirts! But I love that you made the outfit your own! I had a similar idea to Samantha's to wear a white shirt that I had in my wardrobe for years...but I like it on others and in theory better than on me. Not all things should be "ours", for sure! I can't make myself wearing blue jeans, for instance...those days are gone!