viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

green dress & purple

This is what I worn some days ago, when weather was warmer and sun was shining!. I was even thinking on wearing sandals, so crazy. Now we have 9ºC and it has snowed on nearby mountains. Spring.
Sometimes it looks like if the sun is always shining in my neck of the woods, because I'm used to take my pics in the better weather conditions I could manage, actually. Nobody wants a picture of a matured woman (that's me) fighting with an umbrella nor lots of pictures of my cold nose all wrapped in a puff coat. Don't judge me if I always pick any nice weather moment to take my pics!
This bag came from my mom’s lumber room and I think it’s a 70’s piece. She was used to wear it with a pair of matching wooden clogs and a denim suit (she looked very cool!). I think it has been a nice adquisition!
Have a nice weekend!

Esto es lo que llevaba hace unos días, cuando las temperaturas eran templadas y hacía sol. Incluso pensaba en ponerme unas sandalias, qué locura. Ahora tenemos 9ºC y ha nevado en los montes de aquí al lado. Primaveral.
A veces parece que el sol siempre brilla por estos alrededores, porque suelo tomar fotos con el mejor tiempo y en las mejores condiciones que pueda, obviamente. No creo que a nadie le interese una foto de una señora(yo misma, por ejemplo) luchando con el paraguas ni montones de fotos de la punta de mi nariz asomando de un abrigo acolchado. No me juzguéis si siempre procuro sacar fotos con buen tiempo!
Este bolso vino del trastero de mi madre, y creo que es de los 70. Solía ponérselo con unos zuecos de madera, que iban a juego, y un traje vaquero de falda y chaqueta (modernísima que iba). Creo que ha sido una buena adquisición.
Que paséis un buen fin de semana!

- dress, bought at an african culture fair (old) Previously / vestido, comprado en una feria de cultura africana. Anteriormente
- jacket, ebay, second hand / chaqueta, ebay, segunda mano
- tights, HYD (old) / medias
- maryjanes, El naturalista (old) / merceditas
- necklace, retail / collar, tienda local
- vintage bag, from my mom's lumber room / bolso vintage, del trastero de mi madre

7 comentarios:

  1. Your mum's lumber room sounds like a treasure trove!

    Your outfit is lovely. I love the green print on the dress - I love African prints. We have a shop that has just opened selling African garments but they are so expensive!

    The blue (purple?) jacket and tights make such a fabulous contrast and of course you know I love your Mary Janes. The bag is very 70s and looks great with the outfit. Make the most of the sunshine...


  2. What a gorgeous bag, a tribute to your Mum's good taste, which I'm sure you've inherited from her. I love the combination of bluish purples and greens! xxx

  3. That dress is utterly fabulous, I love it worn with the purple! Hooray for sunshine and warmth! x

  4. That is such a cool dress - I liked it when you first put it on your blog. Green and purple go together beautifully, and this outfit is evidence of that. We had some warm days and now it's cold again. I'm never sure what to wear when I leave the house!

  5. Sunny weather just makes it all so much better, doesn't it? Your "new" purse is wonderful, I'd be excited to have it too, especially from Mum! Green and purple is such a pretty combination, and I love this dress on you - such a gorgeous fit! You look adorable!!

  6. I have never heard of a lumber room - is it for storing firewood? What a neat purse! You and I both do green and purple! I wore it today!

    1. mwahaha, strange vocabulary, that's me! A lumber room is a store room, it's usually under the roof.