lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

pink & violet

We have had some foggy days, so it has been impossible to take any pictures outside. However I haven't given up and some pictures were taken inside my home, using the one and only corner which looks tidy. Our bookshelves are still not complete, as I have to go to my parents lumber room and take care of my five hundred books. Most of them will be probably donated to charity, as I'm not interested in them anymore. And I suspect that this massive purge will take me ages, so I've been procrastinating it!.
Now I'm keeping it simple and using more our local public library!.
Joining Visible Monday

Hemos tenido unos cuantos días de niebla, así que ha sido imposible hacerse fotos fuera. Pero no me he rendido y las fotos me las he sacado dentro de casa, en el único rincón que parece ordenado. Nuestras estanterías todavía no están completas, porque tengo que ir al trastero de mis padres y ocuparme como de unos quinientos libros. Muchos de ellos no me interesarán ya, e irán a la caridad. Sospecho que el seleccionarlos me llevará siglos, así que he estado posponiéndolo!
Ahora procuro que todo sea más sencillo y utilizo más la biblioteca pública!
Enlazo al Lunes Visible Visible Monday

- skirt, La Redoute (old) / falda
- jacket, a present by Sacramento / chaqueta, un regalo de Sacramento
- leather jacket, ebay (second hand) / chaqueta de cuero, segunda mano
- bag, by Eme / bolso, de Eme
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas
- crochet beret, very old / boina de ganchillo, antigüita

- sundress, La Redoute (old and revamped) / vestido de verano, reformado
- cowl neck t-shirt, October (od) / jersey de cuello abierto
- jacket, ebay (old) / chaqueta
- maryjanes, Hotter (old) / merceditas
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar

12 comentarios:

  1. Oh what lovely colours! I love how your jacket and tights match in the first outfit post and the skirt is gorgeous. The violet ensemble is beautiful and what brilliant accessories you've added. I think violet is such a lovely word as well as a beautiful colour. Good luck with the book sorting!


  2. Lovely dresses, Sra! I do find it difficult to part with books, although between the library and Amazon, I can usually find what I want. Stay fabulous, xo


  3. Qué bien te queda el violeta, el rosa, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Bueno y todos los colores del arco iris.
    Mil besos amiga de siempre

  4. I'm so loving the colours of your outfit. I'd never guessed it was a sundress you're wearing. I always have problems finding a decent posing spot inside our house. I'm afraid we don't have any tidy corners ;-) I feel for you having to sort out those books. I try to do a purge from time to time, but it's not easy. As my dad died last August, we are in the process of sorting out the contents of his house and there are - you guessed it! - more books to sort through ... xxx

  5. Photoshoots are a pain at this time of year! You've done admirable though, it's lovely to have a peek inside your fabulous home as well as your divine wardrobe. The sundress is wonderful. x

  6. I think you've done a great job with your indoor photography. I love your purple ensemble and that super necklace.

  7. love the colors in both outfits. I have 11 bookcases, so I can relate.

  8. We are into full on winter weather here, so posing outside without a coat on is out of the question. Unfortunately, I don't really have any tidy corners in my apartment I can use to take photos :) I really like the combination of the magenta with the gold jewellery.

  9. I love that skirt - so beautiful - it reminds me of ones from the 1950s. And you know I adore that purple outfit! We have 9 bookcases here, and I've only moved 4 times in my whole adult life, all in the same city, so I've never had to get rid of my books. I have all of my mom's and my grandmother's books from when they were kids.

  10. Pretty in pink (and purple!)
    I got rid of a lot of books before I moved as I knew I wouldn't have room for them all - it was OK, quite cathartic actually! xx

  11. A tidy corner and a big window - what else we need for nice pictures, right? :) Great results, dear Monica!! I love your outfits, as always! I call them Purple Happiness and Pink Happiness!
    Stay warm and cozy!

  12. Hermoso el blazer rosado :)
    Felices Fiestas !