martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

black pullover & summer pants

Last week I found this black pullover which was forgotten at the bottom of my wardrobe and I decided to give it a try. A pair of jungle print pants were my choice, as I was looking for something comfy and colorful. I'm used to wear most of my summer clothes through the seasons, if it's possible. Sometimes, some layering and a pair of boots is all I need to wear a pair of summery pants in our mild Autumn.
I worn that same pullover in another (purple) combo, with a new-for-me (purple) coat which I bought at ebay. Have I mentioned I like purple?
Time to be visible joining Visible Monday

La semana pasada encontré este jersey negro que tenía olvidado al fondo del armario, y decidí darle una oportunidad. Elegí unos pantalones de estampado tropical, porque buscaba sobre todo comodidad, y colorido. Suelo ponerme mucha de mi ropa de verano en cualquier otra época, dentro de lo razonable. A veces sólo te hace falta unas capas y un par de botas para poder llevar un vestido o pantalón de verano en pleno otoño, aunque nuestro clima es bastante suave.
También me puse el mismo jersey en otra ocasión, con un abrigo (morado) que compré en ebay. ¿He mencionado que me gusta el morado?
Es el momento de ponerse muy visible, Visible Monday

- pants, Festa (old) / pantalón
- turquoise shirt, Punto Roma (old) / camisa turquesa
- necklace, Sfera (very old) / collar
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas

- pants, 4x4 (revamped) / pantalón, reformado
- purple shirt, Evans (old) / camisa morada
- coat, ebay / abrigo
- brooch, a present by Sacramento / broche, un regalo de Sacramento
- bag, by local designer Eme (last year) / bolso, de Eme del año pasado
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas

5 comentarios:

  1. You always looks so colourful and so well put together! I am also trying to wear some summer stuff still, by using layering, and usually I need a cardigan or a jumper to top it off.

    Your purple coat and beret are fab and I really, really like your beads in the first couple of photos.

    It's turning pretty cold here now and there's a storm on the way...


  2. Colourful and fabulous! I wish there were more women like you in the world, our streets are so drab! xxx

  3. And don't you just brighten up the day! Your purple almost looks fluorescent against the grey streets...and that yellow!
    I wear Summer gear in Winter or Autumn as well. Who needs boxes and labels?!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  4. A black jumper is a very versatile item of clothing to own. Love the colourful beads you combined it with in the first outfit, but how amazing is that second outfit! Such fabulous colours! Very well chosen, Monica. Besos xxx

  5. Great styling, Monica! Love the first outfit very much, as well as your purple coat! Happy holidays!!!