martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016

black jeans & jacket

These days I didn't feel very inspired, I think that my winter mojo is out of training!
I'm not used to wear black jeans anymore, but I still keep this old pair in my closet. They're a high waist pair of pants, and I calculate that they're (at least) fifteen years old. I remember that I fitted them and added those zips on their legs. I've decided that I'm not going to keep them anymore, as I find hard to style them and I don't feel that they add any fabulousness to my wardrobe. So that's their last bow!
In the other hand, this teal blouse was made from a dress and it has found its place in my wardrobe. The embroidered details were the best part and I think they're enhanced now!. Glad that I made this revamp!
Linking Visible Monday!

Estos días no me he sentido muy inspirada, me parece que estoy desentrenada en adaptarme a la temporada invernal.
Ya no suelo llevar vaqueros negros, pero sigo conservando este par viejo en mi armario. Son de cintura alta y he calculado que tienen (por lo menos) quince años. Recuerdo que les hice ajustes, los estreché y les cosí esas cremalleras al final de la pierna. No creo que los vaya a seguir guardando más, encuentro difícil incorporarlos a mi estilo, y tampoco siento que me añadan nada fabuloso. Así que este es su último saludo!
Por otro lado, esta blusa azul-pato era antes un vestido, y ha encontrado su lugar en mi armario. Los detalles bordados eran la mejor parte del vestido, y creo que ahora se ven más destacados. Me alegra haber hecho esta renovación!
Enlazo al Lunes Visible Visible Monday!

- jacket, Lulu-H (old) / chaqueta
- teal blouse (dress), October (old) / blusa azulada
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- silk shawl, flea market (old) / chal de trozos de seda, de un mercadillo
- bag and beret, retail (old) / bolso y boina, tiendas locales
- coat, Punto Roma (old) / abrigo

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  1. It's a beautiful combination - these jeans looks great with this jacket (and your legs look great in these jeans!). I am on the edge with jeans (in general). Most of times, I don't feel amazing wearing jeans, I also don't consider them comfortable, and it is a rare occasion when I want to wear them these days. But I still keep a few pairs, and wear them when I am in a hurry and/or uninspired, just like you said.
    You styled yours in a very fun way - love those colors and patterns!

  2. Well, those jeans look alright to me! I love the addition of the zips. The jacket and scarf combo are fabulous and how wonderfully co ordinated they are. The teal top is lovely; it's among one of my favourite colours. Still, if you've had the jeans for at least 15 years you have certainly had your money's worth!

    Have a great week,



  3. Gorgeous blouse and scarf, and I do like the zipper jeans too! Thanks for linking up, xo


  4. When Jon bought himself a pair of black jeans from a charity shop I told him they looked a bit boring but I was wrong, they look brilliant and are a great base with bright jumpers and patterned scarves.
    You look fab. I love that cardi and the gorgeous, Indian-looking scarf, too.
    It is hard to dress in these dark winter months. xxx

  5. I saw your headline and had to rush right over and make sure you were all right! Hahaha. Black jeans? Yes, well, the thing is that variety gives us an excellent pinch so I can see why you have them and they look very good, especially with the ankle zips and the black detailing in the jacket. But ba-bye, if they are not feeding your creativity anymore. Your top and jacket are awesome.

  6. I'm not much of a jeans wearer. I only wear them for nature walks when I'm on holiday. It's ages since I had a black pair. They might be boring by themselves, but I actually think they're a good staple for your winter wardrobe. Teal is such a lovely colour on you. xxx

  7. Well, the jeans look fine but if you're not feeling the love, then there are plenty of alternatives! Teal is such a lovely colour on you, and the jacket and scarf add beautiful texture too. xxx

  8. I like the jeans, but if you are not feeling it, they have to go! Off to a better home!