jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2016

maxi & maxi

I really love maxi skirts, even if I consider them unflattering on my shape, and I love particularly this 'aubergine' skirt which was sent to me by Vix because it swooshes when I walk. I also love its rich color and textured fabric, which is the kind of quality fabric you only find in vintage items. That's very appealing to me when temperatures are getting colder and the year is walking its last steps. It's time for some swooshing maxi skirts, (and coats and hats, obviously), so let's play with them!
If you're looking for inspiration to wear a maxi skirt with (lots of) attitude, please, visit Suzanne. 'Cause she rules. Period.

Me encantan las faldas largas, de verdad, incluso aunque las considero bastante poco favorecedoras para mi tipo, y en especial me encanta esta falda color berenjena que me envió la estupendísima Vix, que hace un frufrú cuando camino, y además, me encanta ese color tan denso y rico, y la tela con textura y peso, ese tipo de calidad que sólo se encuentra en ropa de otra época. Todo ello muy conveniente cuando empieza a hacer frío de verdad y el año da sus últimos pasos. Es momento de faldas largas susurrantes (y también de abrigos y gorros, claro está), y de jugar con todo ello!
Si buscáis inspiración para llevar una falda larga con (montones de) actitud, podéis visitar a Suzanne, porque ella mola muchísimo. Y punto.

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9 comentarios:

  1. I love you in maxi skirts, I recognised that plum one immediately. You dress it up beautifully. It looks different every time. They're wonderful in the winter, I've got thermal leggings, knee length socks under mine - toasty warm. xxx

  2. Maxi skirts aren't unflattering on you at all, Monica. In fact, you are looking really fab. Love the colours! Mil besos xxx

  3. Its a wonderful skirt and it looks lovely on you. I am also enamoured of your beautiful striped jacket.

    I'm doing a week of maxis this week and tomorrow I can't decide between my purple maxi or a mixed green and blue one...

    Hope you had a great Christmas!


  4. I pinned that last image of your maxi and amazing ensemble to my Color, Two Snaps Up board.

  5. I think you look FANTASTIC in long skirts! Remember, our great grandmas wore long skirts for centuries, and looked wonderful in them. Like us, they came in all shapes and sizes! It's all a matter of proportions, and you do proportions so well (something I'm still working on myself)! This is a wonderful skirt, in color and texture, and swooshing effect of course. Love all your outfits. The patchwork jacket is amazing! Happy New Year, my dear!

  6. Te queda maravillosamente y me encanta tu mezcla de colores a rabiar.
    Feliz año nuevo, amiga mía. A ver si puede ser que nos abracemos en este 2017 que nace.
    Mil besos siempre

  7. Wonderful purple against the cream stone. Gorgeous pinky purple scarf. I love your gorgeous smile in your bg hats, and the phrase "the year is walking its last steps". Your maxis look very like your wide pants in shape. I feel with your hats you hark back to another era! Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. I think you wear this maxi skirt very well, and as another commenter mentioned, it is all about proportion. Wearing a short, fitted jacket or sweater on top balances out the skirt. You always combine such wonderful colours in your outfits. I love clothing that "Swooshes" too!!

  9. I think you look absolutely smashing in a maxi skirt :)) I love them too!! Gorgeous. Happy New Year my dear, I hope it's a wonderful one for you!! xx besos!!