jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

white pants & orange trench

Autumn rears its beautiful head just now, but it was still warm two days ago when I worn my white linen pants. I was used to have some pairs of them when I lived in the south of Spain, but I only own a pair of linen pants now and I think it's ok for me, as my summer wardrobe is more reduced now!.
I like a bold color trench, and this orange one is a key piece between seasons. It doesn't matter if it's matchy or not, orange adds instant energy!

El otoño parece haber llegado hoy mismo, pero aún hacía calor hace dos días, cuando me puse estos pantalones de lino blanco. Antes, solía tener varios pares, cuando vivía en el sur, pero ahora ya sólo tengo un par de pantalones de lino y creo que es suficiente, ya que mi armario de verano se ha reducido bastante!
Me gustan las gabardinas en colores vivos, y ésta de color naranja es una prenda muy útil para la temporada de entretiempo. No importa si combina o no, el naranja siempre da energía, al momento!

- orange trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina naranja
- linen pants, La Redoute (old) / pantalón de lino
- shirt, vintage (years ago) / camisa, viejuna, de hace años
- sandals, El Naturalista (sales) 7 sandalias, de rebajas
- earrings, Ciclon.es / pendientes, Ciclón.es

5 comentarios:

  1. Wonderful colours, so cheerful and bright. the earrings are just gorgeous. xx

  2. It's sad to think we'll have to put our linen/cotton pants away soon. However, there are interesting autumnal clothes to take their place. I love your orange trench and it is a perfect piece for cooler days.

    Those earrings are wonderful!

    Have a lovely weekend.



  3. I'm quite taken by your opening line, that autumn is rearing its beautiful head. How lovely! The colour of your trench coat would cheer up the darkest of days! Mil besos xxx

  4. Beautiful white and blue, and orange adds a great contrast! I love the necklace you wear - and I was wearing a similar bling around my neck just yesterday. :)