lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016

sneakers & vintage coat

This is what I worn to go to work some days ago. You know I love Autumn and I love layering, so this is a pretty enjoyed outfit. I like particularly this 80's coat/duster, which I bought to attend a wedding when I was 17 years old. It's a good quality cloth, and it has a substantial fabric and original shape.
I think that my own lumber room is becoming the best place to hunt for vintage pieces (this means that I'm becoming vintage too!)
Linking to Visible Monday

Esto es lo que me puse para ir al trabajo, hace unos días. Ya sabéis que me encanta el otoño, y que me encantan las superposiciones, así que he disfrutado mucho poniéndome esta ropa. Me gusta en especial este abrigo/guardapolvos de los ochenta, que compré para ir a una boda cuando tenía 17 años. Es de muy buena calidad, la tela es muy consistente y me gusta el corte tan original.
Creo que mi propio trastero se está convirtiendo en el mejor sitio para buscar piezas vintage. Lo cual quiere decir que yo también me estoy volviendo un poquito vintage!
Enlazo al Lunes Visible Visible Monday

- tie&dye t-shirt by myself / camiseta teñida
- pants, C&A (old) / pantalón
- sneakers, Adidas (sales) / zapatillas
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, regalo de Sacramento
- bracelets, Sfera (old) / pulseras, antiguas

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  1. That's a wonderful, timeless duster, and I love your red hair! Thanks for linking, xo


  2. That duster is a classic. What a great cut and colour. You had great taste at 17! And I love the tie dye tee with the printed trousers. You have layering down to perfection. And I adore that bracelet you're wearing.

  3. How amazing that you still have that duster from when you were 17! xxx

  4. Fantastic "vintage" duster! I'm glad you held on to it. It's very freaky when I go into shops and the styles I wore to high school are now considered vintage. Gaaaa!!! I love the tie-dye you did on your shirt too. You are a queen of layering so let's welcome autumn.

  5. That is such a cool coat, and I'm impressed that you have kept it. I wasn't wearing anything that cool when I was 17. I'm ready for Autumn so I can start wearing my favourite layers.

  6. This is a wonderful duster, and the whole outfit is so cool! Yay to layering!!!

  7. I love that you've owned that coat for so long - a sign you've always had incredible style. Those African print trousers are fantastic and so is the cool wall behind you. xxx

  8. Autumn, I sort of remember that season. Hope I can figure out how to dress when it dips down into the 70's around here.

  9. Love the jacket, your clever layering and fabulous style! xx

  10. It's amazing that you still have a coat from age 17! And it's a fabulous coat. You've styled it so well with the patterned trousers and blue top and lovely bijouterie. The sneakers look so comfortable.

    Have a great week



  11. Wonderful duster indeed! I too love holding on to - & wearing! - clothes for many years.