viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016

orange tunic & floral pants

Weather is still pretty summery here, even too summery for my taste, so I've gone for some walks in the morning, when temperatures are more bearable, and we went to the cinema some evenings. You know, I'm enjoying my summer, whatever the weather!
My wrist is recovering (slowly), so I'm able to use a keyboard!. It means that I'll go back to my work in some days, which is good news!. I'm not going to tell you a lie, I'm not glad to return to work (even if it's a nice work). But I'm glad to return to my usual activities, which I've missed: now I'm able to cook, draw, write, sew, paint and blog again!

El tiempo sigue de pleno verano por aquí, a veces demasiado para mi gusto, así que he estado caminando por la mañana (cuando las temperaturas son tolerables) y hemos ido al cine algunas tardes. Ya sabéis, intento aprovechar cada estación del año, hay que sacarle partido a lo que tenemos!
Se me está recuperando (lentamente) la muñeca, así que ya puedo utilizar un teclado. Y eso significa que volveré al trabajo en unos días, buenas noticias!. Tampoco os voy a mentir, no voy a decir que esté contenta de volver al trabajo (aunque tenga un trabajo bastante majo). Pero me alegra poder volver a mi vida habitual, que es lo que estaba echando de menos. Ahora ya puedo volver a cocinar, dibujar, escribir, coser, pintar y bloguear!

- orange tunic, La Redoute (ages ago) / túnica naranja, de hace siglos
- floral pants, Festa / pantalones de flores
- sandals, Inter-Bios / sandalias
- beach bag, revamped / bolso de playa, reformado
- bracelets, Dayaday (old) / pulseras

5 comentarios:

  1. love the top. It's beautiful. I know what you mean about going back to work. I really didn't miss it the year I "retired". Now that I'm back, I'm really happy I got re-hired. Life's funny like that

  2. I'm so glad you're back to blogging and that your wrist is getting better. We're both wearing orange - hurrah for orange. Me with yellow, you with purple and turquoise. And I'm loving the turquoise nail varnish - snap!

  3. Glad to hear your wrist is improving, even if it means you will have to return to work soon (Boo!). That tunic top is sooo pretty - love the colours.

  4. I'm loving the colours of your tunic and that bag is so pretty! Good to hear your wrist is getting better. Besos xxx

  5. I think we are kindred spirits with our love of vibrant colours and outrageous styles. I love how bold you are in your dressing and how creative you are with the pieces you put together. Glad to hear that your life is getting back on track x