martes, 14 de junio de 2016

coming back slowly

Another recap from my british holiday!. We visited Oxford too, and it was an amazing day, even rainy and cold.

Otra entrega de mis vacaciones británicas. Estuvimos en Oxford también, y fue estupendo, incluso aunque lloviese e hiciese tanto frío.

And there were some walks through some London's famous markets and another visit to V&A Museum, where I took a lot of pictures, many of them absolutely unuseful, but I was so enthusiastic!.

Y también hubo unos cuantos paseos por los famosos mercados londinenses, y otra visita al Museo Victoria & Albert, donde me volví loca sacando fotos, la mayoría absurdas, pero es que estaba muy entusiasmada!

But I'm in my little city now, where there are lots of roses blooming in the parks, and spring is a crazy splendid season to enjoy!

Pero ahora ya estoy en mi pequeña ciudad, con todos estos montones de rosales floreciendo en los parques, y la primavera en toda su espléndida locura para disfrutarla!

6 comentarios:

  1. Oxford is stunning, even in the rain!! You both look so happy and full of joy here. I can only apologise for the weather, it really is miserable at the moment.
    I love, love, love those crazy trousers! x

  2. que guapa estás, me encantan tus imagenes, siempre alegre. Los rosales están en todo su esplendor.

  3. I love Oxford, it's been far too long since I was there. Loving your Oxford outfit as well as the trousers you are wearing in that last photo. xxx

  4. Oh Oxford is a wonderful city. You certainly seemed to have enjoyed your British holiday but there's no place like home, is there?

    Lovely outfits - as always and I love your colourful trousers amongst the roses.



  5. Lucky you for visiting England, and Oxford in particular! :) Great pictures, and I completely understand that you were taking lots of them - they are great for memories. Lovely to see you back! Love the black dress you were wearing in Oxford. Here we also have roses in bloom now. I need to go on a photo safari. :)

  6. I only know Oxford from watching Inspector Morse. It looks so pretty.