lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

vintage dress & crochet cardi

This is my first attempt to wear one of the loose 80's dresses that my friend Sacramento sent me as a fabulous present. I'm an 80's lover, but have never worn this kind of 'secretary dresses' before, so I was worried on how to create something comfortable into my style. I don't know if I've managed it, but anyway I've enjoyed wearing a delightfully free flowing and vivid piece. I've picked a distressed cardi and usual chunky shoes, all around cold colors, but next time I will try some yellow for contrast, or perhaps a total revamp!
Enjoying another partytime at Visible Monday and joining to IWillWearWhatILike. And getting ready to link to Spy Girl's 52-Pick-Me-Up: Aubergine. Triple fun!

Este es mi primer intento con uno de los vestidos sueltos de los ochenta que mi fabulosa amiga Sacramento me regaló. Siempre me han gustado los ochenta, pero nunca había llevado este tipo de 'vestido de secretaria' anteriormente, así que me preocupaba cómo combinarlo dentro de mi estilo para sentirme cómoda. No sé si lo he conseguido, pero de todos modos, me ha encantado llevar esta tela tan estupenda y fluída, con un color tan vivo. He elegido una chaqueta de ganchillo muy suelta y mis habituales zapatos gruesos, siempre en colores fríos, pero la próxima vez será con un toque de amarillo para contrastar, o quizás una reforma total!
Es hora de otro Visible Monday y de unirse al reto IWillWearWhatILike. Y también me preparo para enlazar a Spy Girl's 52-Pick-Me-Up: Aubergine. Triple diversión!

(1)- crochet cardi, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta ganchillo, del año pasado
- necklace, DayADay (old) / collar
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas
- shearling coat, thrifted ages ago / abrigo, comprado de segunda mano hace siglos
(2)- pants, C&A (old) / pantalón
- shirt, 4x4 (old) / camisa
- sneakers, Chiruca (dyed) / zapatillas, teñidas

14 comentarios:

  1. The crochet is really nice, and the colours in the dress are amazing! Nice como for the spring!

  2. Ese vestido levaba tu nombre y qué arte más grande y qué salero tienes llevándolo.

  3. Ese vestido levaba tu nombre y qué arte más grande y qué salero tienes llevándolo.

  4. I adore this dress - the shape and the colors, and the way you make it even more "you." xox


  5. I think the dress looks amazing on you, I love it and the colour too :) x

  6. Beautiful shades of blue which really suit you. I think the dress looks fab with the crochet cardigan and the cardigan looks great with trousers, too.

    Dyeing sneakers eh? They look great. I haven't dyed any shoes since the 80s when I dyed some brogues blue. I need to think about doing some dyeing....

    Have a great week xx


  7. You've done a great job and totally made that dress your own! xxx

  8. You've conquered the "secretary" (heh) dress. Beautiful. It could also be seen as one of those luxe designer dresses with gold buttons popping out everywhere. Looks great!! The colour is smashing.

  9. What fantastic colours! You look wonderful in your new dress, what a lovely gift from Sacramento. Xxx

  10. All my favourite colours! A symphony of Spring in your Secretary dress and the jewellery you chosen with it is beautiful. It's good to try different styles sometimes - look at the fantastic result!

    And the pants look fabulous with the sneakers.

  11. The color of this 80's dress catches my eye!

  12. The color of this 80's dress really catches my eyes!

  13. The color of this dress really catches my eyes!