sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

floral pants & purple pullover

This is what I've worn some days ago to go for a walk and run some errands, which are some of my usual activities (I'm that wild!). I chose a very cultural background for my pics, as I'm in front of the local theatre, a restored building from 1880. That's the kind of charm you can find in small towns!
I'm becoming a huge fan of bold floral prints, and these turquoise pants are one of my favorite pieces, as they contain most of my favorite colors. They're really comfortable too!. I've paired them with a purple pullover, a revamped piece which came from my own lumber room. It was an off-white pullover, then I shortened and dyed it in purple, and I think it looks more 'me' nowadays!. What do you think?
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Esto es lo que me puse hace unos días para ir a dar una vuelta y hacer recados, que son algunas de las cosas que hago normalmente (soy así de salvaje!). Elegí un entorno muy cultural como fondo para las fotos, estoy delante del teatro local, un edificio restaurado del 1880. Este es el tipo de encanto que encuentras en las ciudades pequeñas!.
Me estoy convirtiendo en una verdadera fan de los estampados florales vivos, y estos pantalones turquesa son de mis prendas favoritas, sobre todo porque llevan muchos de mis colores favoritos. Y además, son muy cómodos. Los he combinado con un jersey morado, que salió de mi propio trastero, aunque era color blanco-roto. Después de acortarlo y teñirlo de morado, creo que se ajusta más a mi estilo ahora mismo, qué os parece?
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- pants, Los Telares (old) / pantalón
- Shearling coat, second hand (ages ago) / abrigo, de segunda mano, comprado hace siglos
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- bag, retail (old) / bolso, tienda local

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  1. Absolutely lovely! What a fab colour combination and a great makeover with the jumper. xxx

  2. you have got to stop with these crazy wild posts. Errands? Too much.

    That building is beautiful, looks like Wedgewood.

  3. Lovely trousers and the the jumper is brilliant. Clever you. They go so well together! And I love your accessories; the boots, the bag, the scarf, the brooch. Great look and very springlike with the floral theme.


  4. Wooo-hoo!! I love it all...the trousers are amazing, I love floral prints and it has all my favourite colours in them too :)) You look fantastic as always, love this :)))) xx

  5. Gorgeous blog :)Have a great day dear :)
    I follow you :) Keep in touch!


  6. Hello fellow theater lover! :) Your local theater is such a beauty!! It's funny how we both wrote about theater almost at the same time. I am in love with your turquoise pants, and you did an amazing job with the sweater! Lovely photos, as always!

  7. Madame Allnut, my dear. Where have you been all my blogging life? Thank you for introducing yourself on Instagram. You are a Gem!!

  8. yes - purple is much more you then off-white!
    i got a similar off-white, pompom-ed pullover from my mother (what was she thinking?) and i wear it only for sleeping in winter (very old house) - should i dye it too???
    fab print on the pants!!
    and thank you very much for your comment on my yellow skirt post!!! <3

  9. The purple pullover is perfectly you! The pants are pretty pleasing as well.
    Thanks for linking up with the PURPLE 52 Pick-me-up!