domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

red glasses

First time I write a review about any product, but I thought it would be interesting to have a pair of free glasses by Firmoo to write about them, as I'm a heavy user of glasses. I had a previous experience as a giveaway winner and adquired a pair of sunnies with prescription glasses. So I haven't to introduce my prescription data, as they were saved in my account previously. I picked these red frames, and try them on some photos of myself which I uploaded from my computer, and liked the look.
The glasses were received quickly and they're pretty acceptable, even not the best quality glasses I've ever had, but satisfactory. I think it's a good option to consider, adequate and quickly delivered (from China).
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Es la primera vez que escribo sobre un producto, pero he pensado que sería interesante recibir un par de gafas gratis de Firmoo y escribir sobre ellas, ya que las gafas son algo que utilizo a diario. Anteriormente, ya había tenido contacto con esta marca, porque me tocó por sorteo un descuento, y adquirí unas gafas de sol graduadas muy monas. Así que no tuve que introducir los datos de mis cristales, porque ya los tenía en mi cuenta. Escogí esta montura en rojo, y la probé sobre unas fotos que me descargué del ordenador, y me gustó el estilo.
Las gafas llegaron enseguida y están bastante bien, aunque no son las mejores gafas que haya tenido en mi vida, pero aceptables. Creo que esta es una buena opción a considerar, los precios están bien y el envío es rápido, (desde China).
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5 comentarios:

  1. These glasses look great on you, they really suit you. I always have problems getting glasses that suit the shape of my face. These are red moreover...and you know red is my favorite color!!!

  2. As a fellow glasses wearer, I know how expensive frames can be! I love the curve shape of these and they look so good on you. And wow, love the scarf you're wearing.

  3. Maravillosassssssssssssssss

  4. What a straightforward and honest review. Firmoo aren't the the best quality glasses in the world but Jon hasn't had to use his tool kit yet so that's good going! I love the pair you chose, the colour and shape are gorgeous and look lovely on you. xxx

  5. I've seen other bloggers write about glasses from Firmoo, and it seems that they are not high quality but they seem to have a good selection of nice frames. I like the shape of the ones you chose, and of course, the colour too!