martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

leopard & red

Once more, there's a lot of (red) color under a black coat, it's another layered outfit!. I've realized that my 80's leopard vest was not worn for ages, and it must not be neglected this way!. So I decided to wear it with some red color touches, but then I got enthusiastic about red on red, and finished all dressed in red with a leopardess touch!. No problem with that! I'm linking to another fabulous Visible Monday!

De nuevo, un montón de color (rojo) bajo el abrigo negro, y otra vez superposiciones. Me he dado cuenta de que este chaleco leopardesco de los 80 estaba un poco olvidado, y eso no puede ser. Así que decidí ponérmelo con unos toques de rojo, pero el caso es que me fui entusiasmando con el rojo, y al final acabé vestida de rojo con unos toques leopardescos. Ningún problema, es el momento de enlazar a otro Lunes Visible Visible Monday!

- red shirt, Evans / camisa roja
- tartan leggings, ebay
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- 80's faux leopard vest, from my mother's wardrobe / chaleco de leopardo falso, del armario de mi madre
- beret, a present / boina, un regalo
- coat, Anne weyburn (La Redoute) very old / abrigo, antigüito
- bracelets, Sfera (very old) / pulseras
- scarf, Locaderremate / pañuelo
- bag / bolso Eme

10 comentarios:

  1. Red and leopard are one of my all time favourite combos. So dramatic!

    If I saw you walking on the street dressed like this I'd just have to stop you to chat. You look too interesting to let pass by.


  2. A "leopardess" touch is always stunning, imho. You look fab, and very much like you! xo


  3. Red on red on stripes on leopard on tartan on acid. Yup. Stellar look! I'd join you and Suzanne!

  4. You have my favorite colors and patterns here! I LOVE red and plaid and leopard, and you rock them all!

  5. That leopard waistcoat has to be one of the most fabulous items I've ever seen you wearing, it's incredible!! xxx

  6. Wait a minute...sunnies time!
    Looove red and leopard. But this leopard is a cut above. Definitely not to be missed.
    Gorgeous. Xo Jazzy Jack

  7. EPIC!!!!
    Woweee...I don't know where to start with what I love about this look.
    I have (almost) identical trousers which I am now going to wear to work (tomorrow) with my tan boots and leopard t-shirt.
    You are real inspiration....if anyone is in need of ideas on how to wear patterns and colours together they need to be reading this!!
    That vintage jacket/waistcoat...furry getting lusted after here.
    What a great find.
    Brilliant as always!
    Fake Fabulous

  8. Leopard print with red? Is there a better combination? You look fabulous! xxx

  9. Love that expression 'leopardess touch'! And indeed it shouldn't be neglected. You've given it a great revival - long may the leopard and red live happily together.

  10. Ooo, Monica, what a spectacular outfit! I didn't know that leopard print would look so good with red. Your mother had very cool taste in vests.