martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Orange & Vest

I know that usual writing on fashion can look frivolous and unfeeling. But I think the best way to go through this is stay doing the things we usually do, particularly, stay doing the things that make us happy. I'm not going to stop travelling or visiting different countries, for example.

Ya sé que seguir con las actividades habituales puede parecer frívolo e insensible. Pero creo que la mejor manera de sobreponerse a todo esto es seguir haciendo lo que solemos hacer y, en especial, seguir haciendo lo que nos hace felices. No voy a dejar de viajar y visitar diferentes países, por ejemplo.

Linking to Visible Monday and Not Dressed as Lamb, they're fabulous ladies!

Enlazando a Visible Monday y también a Not Dressed as Lamb, que son señoras estupendas!

- vest, sewed by me / chaleco, hecho por mí
- striped t-shirt and orange cardi, C&A (old) / camiseta de rayas y chaquetita naranja
- leggings, Locaderremate
- brogues, Hotter / zapatos
- bag, by Eme / bolso, Eme
- coat, Anne Weyburn (La Redoute), very old / abrigo, antigüito

8 comentarios:

  1. Well said. Couldn't agree more. I feel completely the same. Bravo. And what a wonderful piece to wear in view of the circumstances.

  2. Brava to you - I will continue to travel too and not let the bad guys control us. Great outfit too! xo


  3. Terror is fear...fear is suppression and loss of freedom.
    We are free and should be grateful for that.
    Many people (especially women) are not.
    We need to carry on as normal, bringing colour and light to the world.
    Not let the bastards win.
    Your post is the perfect sentiment and I LOVE your waistcoat (I am coveting it!!) would work very well in my wardrobe!
    Keep being you and doing what you do!
    Fake Fabulous

  4. Too right, staying at home means giving in to the terrorists and letting them win. We flew to Mumbai days after the attacks there and made a point of calling in at Leopolds for a drink.
    That top is glorious, what a wonderful tribute to Paris and her people. xxx

  5. That vest is a lovely piece - you have a very good eye for unique prints when you sew things for yourself! Yes, I will still travel, and write about beautiful things. We must keep doing what brings more joy to the world.

  6. That vest is wonderful!


  7. What a fantastic vest, and it's made by you! I just love the orange lining, so unexpected. I agree, we mustn't stop being ourselves and doing the things we love. Just 'cause they're fun. :)