jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

purple & colors

Yesterday I was feeling like crap, but anyway I decided to dress up as planned. I think that wearing some favorite clothes can make you feel (at least) less miserable, and more confident. Fashion is not a panacea, but it can be therapeutic!
Note: My mom actually hates these pants, she says they look like a dustman uniform, with all those yellow fringes. I stay wearing them, as they're a shiny bright piece of fun in my wardrobe. Fun factor is so underestimated!

Ayer me sentía fatal, pero de todos modos me arreglé y me vestí como tenía previsto. Creo que ponerse alguna de tus ropas favoritas te puede hacer sentir (al menos) un poco menos miserable, y desde luego, más segura de tí misma. No es que la moda sea la panacea, pero puede ser terapéutica!
Nota: Mi madre detesta estos pantalones, dice que parecen el uniforme de los barrenderos, con esas franjas amarillas. Pero yo sigo poniéndomelos, porque son un pedacito colorido y brillante de diversión en mi vestuario!. Hay que valorar el factor diversión!

- coat, very old, El Corte Inglés / abrigo
- pants, 4x4 (old) / pantalón
- crochet cardi (old) / chaqueta de ganchillo
- purple shirt, Evans / camisa morada
- brooch, a present by Sacramento / broche, un regalo de Sacramento
- bag, by Eme / bolso, Eme
- maryjanes, Hotter (old) / merceditas
- scarf, old / pañuelo, antigüito

9 comentarios:

  1. You look amazing and I love all these fantastic colours. The pants are brilliant :)) I hope you get to feeling much better my dear xx

  2. Yes, sometimes colours in clothing can be very therapeutic. I tend to wear more black when I'm feeling the most confident and positive, and bright colours when my spirit needs a boost.

  3. Wow! Your outfits just get better and better! What an incredibly cheerful ensemble and fabulous hair, too! Hope you don't feel like crap now. xxx

  4. Cada vez mas creo que la felicidad debería imperar sobre todo lo demás. Sobre tus pantalones a mi me recuerdan a un percusionista de los noventa, en su gira "locos sueltos por el mundo" !locos y felices! Saludos.

  5. The best medicine for a crap feeling is a colour injection....I defy anyone to be glum after wearing an outfit like this! In fact I bet everyone who met you felt a little better about their day. A ray of vibrant sunshine.
    Fake Fabulous

  6. Oh yes, I FULLY agree, best medicine. And this is mighty fine medicine. Love those "dustman" pants. ??? Never!! These are wild I-can-be-whatever-I-want-to-be pants. I hope you're feeling less crappy now.

  7. I love how you've tied in the three colours of gold, purple and pink so perfectly - especially love those roses on your cardigan. I completely agree with you about how the fun factor is underestimated. I too find bright colours therapeutic and even just looking at your outfit and made me smile and lifted my mood this morning so thank you.


    1. glad you enjoy fun factor, and colorful outfits too!!
      thank you for your comment!

  8. I am captivated by your colorful outfits and your hair color! I love colorful things! If you would like a new pair of glasses please join my Firmoo Giveaway:)