lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

walking on southern cities

Holidays in one of our favorite places to be, after too many years!
Linking to Not dressed as a lamb: I will wear what I like and also joining Visible Monday: doubled fabulousness on Mondays!

De vacaciones en uno de nuestros lugares favoritos, después de demasiado tiempo!
Enlazando a Not dressed as a lamb: llevaré lo que me plaza y también Visible Monday: doblando la fabulosidad los lunes!

same place on 2012june

9 comentarios:

  1. Colorful and beautiful! Great to see you again at Visible Monday.xo

  2. What a beautiufl view and a gorgeous couple in front of it! xxx

  3. Enjoy your holiday in all your colourful splendour in those wonderful surroundings.

  4. Amazing beauty! Both the city and you in your colorful clothes! Love these round specs on you!

  5. Beautiful place, and a striking couple! How great to revisit a favourite holiday place.

  6. Hello, Senora! How lovely to get in a little travel, and you are looking chic and relaxed and not like a turista at all! Love the rich burnt orange print with the blue. Can't beat white for the end of summer, and that completes your look so well.
    Is that Senor Allnut with you?

  7. You look relaxed and so cheerfully "Summer" in your colourful tunics and white leggings. I just love those white, round-framed sunglasses on you.

  8. You look beautiful in those bright colours, against a stunning backdrop! xxx



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