martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

southern cities (2)

I'm back from my holidays so feeling nostalgic but also happy to come back. This time I'm dealing well with usual inconveniences after a travel, like unpacking (which I hate) and doing the laundry. Everything has been easy, as I've packed just a cabin luggage for nine days, included my beach towel!. And it was really enough, because most of the time I've worn just my bikini and some kind of beach dress, and everything was wash'n'go.
It looks like I'm learning something about packing!

Estoy de vuelta de las vacaciones, así que estoy un poco nostálgica, pero también feliz de estar de vuelta. Esta vez estoy llevando bien esos inconvenientes de después del viaje, como deshacer las maletas (cosa que odio) y poner mil lavadoras. Todo es mucho más fácil, porque he llevado sólo equipaje de mano para nueve días, incluyendo la toalla!. Y ha sido más que suficiente, porque la mayor parte del tiempo lo que llevas es el bikini y un vestido de playa, y todo es lavar y poner.
Parece que estoy aprendiendo a hacer maletas, al fin!

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  1. Good to see both you and Mr A and hope the unpacking wasn't too traumatic - I hate it, too! How do you manage with toiletries? I could take cabin only baggage to India but I'd have to rely on buying sun screen when i get there and its not always that easy to find. xxx

    1. you're right, I had to bought sunscreen and aftersun lotion when we arrived to our destiny, but it was just a walk to a local supermarket to pick usual brand (and we have no language problems!). I think it can be more difficult to understand indian labels!

  2. Cómo me alegra conocer a Mr allnut. Qué guapos y qué bien os sientan las vacaciones, ole

  3. Lovely photos, especially that first one, where your monochrome outfit matches the black railings and whitewashed buildings.
    Unpacking and getting everything in the wash is the worst thing about returning from a trip, isn't it? xxx

  4. So so wonderful, am glad you had a marvellous time :)) xx