domingo, 9 de agosto de 2015

summer favs

As I'm feeling particularly uninspired, I've resorted to pick some of my last summer favorite outfits and make a recap post. I've been sick (once more) but not defeated, and I'll come back with some big crazy starfishes on my hair and many colorful outfits, as soon as possible.
Wish you enjoy this recap!

Como me siento especialmente poco inspirada, he recurrido a elegir algunos de mis favoritos del verano pasado y hacer una recopilación. He estado enferma (otra vez) pero no vencida, y pronto volveré con una buena dosis de estrellas de mar en el pelo y alucinantes coloridos, enseguida!
Espero que os guste este resumen!

old stones, 60's vibe and orchids

striped dress, denim and orange mermaidness.
Because, if you lose your voice to indulge other people's tastes, you will lose yourself and would have nothing in return. So it's better to stay comfident and embrace your own orange mermaidness!.
Porque, si pierdes tu voz para complacer los gustos de otras personas, al fin, te perderás a tí misma, y a cambio de nada!. Así que es mejor seguir confiando en una misma y seguir tan sirénida y tan locamente naranja!

Summer, Desserts and orange season

12 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful Montage.
    I am in love with your tunic and red leggings!
    That tunic is fabulous :-)

  2. Excellent montage. I like to see many of you at once! The groovy tunic dress you made and that striped dress are favourites for me, but I have to say, you look fantastic in this really wide range of styles and colour.
    All this great energy you are sending out here should come back like a boomerang and help you get well!

  3. Con el calor no me extraña, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Maravillosa y colorida seimpre.
    Te abrazoooooooooooooooo

  4. I do agree with what you wrote. We shouldn't care what the others think, we should dress for ourselves.
    You look so lovely...I really like all of these colourful outfits.

  5. What a nice and colorful collection! You have a particular style, very attractive and interesting. You are also so funny!:)

  6. Glad I caught this one since I'm not here often enough!! So many great looks. I love what you do with tops over leggings. Your color and pattern mixing is brilliant. Hope you feel better really soon!!!! XXOO

  7. What a wonderful recap. Hope you've been inspired by how fabulous you are and that you feel much better now. xxx

  8. I love the black and white pants contrasting all the colourful tunics and dresses!
    You do have some wonderful style ideas.
    Wishing you are speedy recovery! Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. So sorry you are not well - I hope you feeling better soon. Your outfits are always a visually interesting mix of colours and shapes, as this montage demonstrates very well. The striped dress with the navy (black?) jacket and the red tunic over the white leggings are my favourites.

  10. It is hard to imagine you loosing inspiration, but it happens to all of us I guess. And thank you for this inspiring post - you look great in every single outfit, your own unique self! xxx