martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

pink & local

This tunic was worn for the first time on Monday, a good way to start the week. It was custom made by Eme a local retailer, which is also a pretty nice designer at her label Nona Papallona. It's a lovely tunic, fresh and colorful, and I'm very happy with it (and this is not a sponsored post, I'm not that relevant!). Now I'm thinking about ordering another tunic, using a sarong, which I'm not wearing anymore, as fabric. There are many possibilities!

Estrené túnica el lunes, que es una buena manera de empezar la semana. Es una túnica hecha a medida por Eme que es un negocio local, pero también tiene sus propios diseños de su marca Nona Papallona. Es una túnica que me encanta, fresca y colorida, y estoy muy contenta con ella. Y no es un post patrocinado, no soy tan importante!.
Ahora estoy pensando en encargar otra igual, pero esta vez con la tela de algún pareo de los que ya no me pongo. Hay tantas posibilidades!!

- leggings, C&A
- sandals, Inter-Bios (factory outlet) / sandalias, de saldo
- necklace, Sfera (very old) / collar
- faux turquoise pendant / colgante de turquesa falsa
- bag, Gabol / bolso

7 comentarios:

  1. How good to be able to support a small local business, and get such a fabulous tunic into the bargain! Great colour and I love the print. xxx

  2. Your jewellry is beautiful today....bangle envy!

  3. It's beautiful, I love the flowers and sweet colour too :)) You look gorgeous xx

  4. What a fantastic tunic, I bet the local business will make lots of sales now! xxx

  5. Beautiful tunic! But I must go back and check that interesting jewelry again!! You always have the best!

  6. Love the fabric you selected for the tunic - it's great to know people who can sew things for you!

  7. Really beautiful! And I do love your hair - both the color and styling are great! Your sandals also look fun and comfy, while the color is so unique for shoes. xxx