domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

red & sun

I'm wearing a sarong as a skirt, which is becoming one of my summer signatures. I think sarongs are beautiful pieces of fabric, and they're not enough enjoyed, even when they can be worn as skirts or dresses or whatever. It's funny to wrap yourself in a printed fabric and play with it!
Linking to 52-Pick-Me-Up: True Red/Insecurity/Bravery, saving the red for last and sharing some sleeveless pale bravery!

De nuevo, un pareo como falda, que se está convirtiendo en una de mis manías de verano. Creo que los pareos suelen ser muy bonitos trozos de tela como para no disfrutarlos, se pueden llevar como faldas o vestidos o lo que sea. Y es divertido envolverse en un estampado y jugar con ello.
Enlazo a 52-Pick-Me-Up: True Red/Insecurity/Bravery, casi llegando al final, y yendo sin mangas en toda mi palidez, sin hacer caso de ninguna inseguridad.

6 comentarios:

  1. I love your sarong!
    Those colours are totally beautiful.
    Your long orange necklace too...I want it!!! :-)
    What a fabulous outfit.
    Fake Fabulous

  2. I admire your sarong-wearing abilities very much. I always feel that flat pieces of fabric that are merely wrapped and tucked and tied, might spontaneously launch themselves floor-wards from me. You can probably tell from my wording that I know this to be illogical, but nonetheless rarely manage it. You do it so well, however. This one is a particular beauty. Do you also wear your sarongs as scarves? And, if so, are you likely to wear the same one, one day as a scarf and another day as skirt, or does each one tend to be either/or?

    1. oh yes, I wear my sarongs as scarves too, (after some washing and ironing). I wear all of them both ways, but I prefer to wear printed ones as skirts. My trick for comfort is to wear pettypants or half slips (granny style rules!)

    2. Aha, a base layer is a very good idea!

  3. I used to wear sarongs as skirts in my 20's but gave it up for some reason, most likely because they were too casual when I started working in offices in my 30's. This is a beautifully co-ordinated outfit!

  4. The last shot is great! I love your saarong ensembles, they are so off the beaten path. You are right about them - such beautiful fabrics need more options and outings. Yours is truly gorgeous! xxx