lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

black & white (once more)

Wearing this comfy-as-a-pyjama pants, which I'm loving!. Pants are my favorite option these days, when weather is not so hot, but tights and leggings are still far away.
I like adding a bold color to my black and white ensembles, and some grey shades are also welcome to the party, so my black&white outfits are not always so monochromatic than it looks!. I'm feeling more comfortable wearing not matching ensembles, even if I'm still a huge fan of matchy-matchy!

Llevo estos pantalones cómodos como un pijama, que me encantan. En este momento, cuando no hace ya tanto calor, pero queda todavía lejos ponerse medias y leggings, es cuando llevo más pantalones.
Me gusta añadirle algún color vivo a las combinaciones de blanco y negro, y también son bienvenidos los grises, así que todo este blanco y negro no es tan monocromático. Cada vez estoy más cómoda con los tonos que no combinan, aunque sigo siendo muy de conjuntarlo todo!

- old linen dress as a summer coat / viejo vestido de lino a modo de guardapolvo
- pants, C&A / pantalón
- t-shirt, old and overdyed / camiseta vieja y teñida
- sandals, wonders (old) / sandalias
- bracelets, Sfera (old) / pulseras

9 comentarios:

  1. Love the design of your trousers, gorgeous :)) Happy week to you my dear xx

  2. I really like this ensemble! You are right - it look like a departure from your usual wonderful matchy-matchy style - and it looks great! I also love the idea of wearing a linen dress as a summer coat, I must do it myself. Love the pants!! xxx

  3. El abrigo de verano hace el conjunto estiloso y distinto. Qué arte tienes.
    Mil besos

  4. Excellent yellows, the trousers have a great print and your bangles are brilliant. I love the grey tie-dye thrown into the mix of geometric shapes and black&white, works very well indeed.

  5. I love the print of those trousers and that dramatic duster coat. Fab outfit. xxx

  6. This outfit looks wonderfully comfortable, and also very elegant with the dress-as-coat! The pop of yellow with the shoes and necklace adds just the right touch.

  7. This outfit looks great! I love the look of a duster coat and have tried using a dress in the same way you did but I never feel right in it. I guess it's one of those looks I love but cant' wear. You have such a great eye for line as well as colour. xoxo

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  9. Try again..You've mixed it up beautifully here ... casual and smart, 50 shades of gray and a citrus splash!
    Fabulous Fake