lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

print & purple

I’ve been loving this kind of sundresses, but I was resigned to never find one which fitted me. This one was Not an exception, it was absolutely unwearable, even it’s my size. But I bought it anyway, because I was appealed by its print, it was a bargain and I thought it would be easy to fix it (or revamp it into a skirt!). It has taken me some time to realize that the real problem was a poor quality sizing which ignores proportions and height. I’m not a tall girl, but I’ve had some problems with clothes length before. This dress was a challenge because its problem was not on the skirt length, it was the bodice length!. So I’ve added a trimming for some extra length and a zip for a better fitting. Obviously, I’ve not picked a simple ribbon, embroideries and floral motives were required!
You can see I'm wearing some light layers over my low-cut dress, because of chilly mornings and air conditioning, but it has been really hot!

Me han encantado este tipo de vestidos de verano, pero ya estaba resignada a no encontrar nunca uno que me quedase aceptable. Y este tampoco fue la excepción, porque era absolutamente imponible, incluso aunque fuese mi talla. Pero lo compré de todos modos, porque me gustaba el estampado, era una ganga, y pensé que podría arreglarlo (o convertirlo en una falda). Me ha llevado cierto tiempo darme cuenta de que el problema era que el tallaje estaba mal diseñado, ignorando del todo las proporciones y la estatura. No soy una chica alta, pero ya he tenido problemas con el largo de la ropa antes. Este vestido fue un reto porque el problema no era el largo de la falda, sino el del cuerpo. Así que le he añadido esta cinta de pasamanería para conseguir más longitud, y una cremallera para ajustarlo apropiadamente. Evidentemente, no iba a escoger una cinta sencilla, tenía que tener bordados y flores!
Podéis ver que llevo algunas prendas sobre mi vestido (que es ligerísimo) porque las mañanas son frescas y trabajo en un sitio con aire acondicionado, pero de verdad, hace mucho calor!!

- dress, winter sales / vestido, de las rebajas de invierno
- sandals, Hush Puppies (old) / sandalias
- cardi, C&A / chaqueta
- bag, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (old and battered) / bolso, viejo y baqueteado

7 comentarios:

  1. What an excellent revamp, how well you have done to make this work for you. I, too, love these sort of sundresses, but never seem to find one that can cover enough of my bust to be decent. Maybe I need to come shopping in your part of the world! The ribbon you found to effect the extra length is just perfect.

  2. How clever! That dress was worth revamping, its exotic and lovely and you look fab. xxx

  3. Qué bien te queda.
    Llevas toda la razón del mundo con el tallaje. Yo siempre le meto a todo la tijera jajjaj.
    Estás fantásticaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  4. Beautiful, Beautiful! I was not able to say that there was an extra fabric added at all - it looks completely harmonious! Great job. Lovely crochet cardigan as well! xxx

  5. Both of these are utterly delightful and you look stunning and vibrant- the perfect summer image!x

  6. What a great 'make do and mend' as the saying goes. Extra pretty with those new additions. I'm glad I am not the only one who buys things that need to be tweaked, because I like the pattern/colour. My only wish? They ended up looking as good as you do in that dress!

  7. I can see why you bought that dress. I would fall for it too. Your torso-lengthening strategy is beautiful and makes the dress even better. I have that problem with dresses all the time, as I am taller than average but I don't have the energy or ability to fix and alter clothing. LOVE that dress.