jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

simple life, simple dress

Actually, I'm feeling a certain culpability for this dress. Not only because I purchased another red printed cloth, but also because it was originally a jumpsuit and I've revamped it into a dress. It was a really cute jumpsuit, perfectly fitted and lovely, but I worn it just once before realizing I'm not able to wear a jumpsuit. It's way too difficult to go to the bathroom, even when you're not wearing it under a cardi (this idea just frightened me!), so I had to recognize it was not made for me. It's such a pity, but it's also real life and real comfort!

En realidad, me estoy sintiendo un poco culpable por causa de este vestido. No sólo por picar otra vez con algo rojo con estampado de florecitas, sino también porque era originariamente un mono, y lo he transformado en vestido. Y era un mono monísimo (perdón por la tontería), me quedaba muy bien y era genial, pero me bastó con ponérmelo una sola vez para darme cuenta de que no soy capaz de llevar un mono. De verdad que es difícil ir al baño, incluso cuando no llevas una chaqueta encima (ya esa idea me espanta!), así que he tenido que reconocer que no era para mí. Una verdadera lástima, pero así es la vida, y así es el confort!

- dress-jumpsuit, Peekaboo Atelier / vestido-mono
- leggings, La Redoute
- sandals, El Naturalista (old) / sandalias
- bag, retail / bolso, tienda local

(Sharing a pic of what I worn on my birthday) I worn for the first time some earrings and a pendant, by Silvereira, which I indulged myself with. It was a pretty funny day, with lots of cakes and coffee with my co-workers in the morning and some walking and chatting and laughing in the evening. And I'm going to have a meeting this afternoon with some blogueuses and friends!, and a fabulous meal is being planned for the weekend with my family!. Lots of fun!

(Una foto de lo que me puse por mi cumpleaños). Estrené unos pendientes y colgante, de Silvereira, que fueron un auto-regalo. Y el día fue muy divertido, con un montón de dulces y pastel con el café en el trabajo por la mañana, y luego paseos y charla y risas por la tarde. Y esta tarde he quedado con unas blogueras y amigas, y además, el fin de semana tenemos planeada una fabulosa comida con la familia. La fiesta sigue!

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  1. Sounds like you've been celebrating your birthday right! How in the world did you turn a jumpsuit into a cute dress like that? Well, I love it the way it is. I can't imagine the feeling of being trapped in my clothing when I'm trying to go to the bathroom. Some days I barely get there in time as it is. I'd have to undress on my way there just to not wet my pants!

  2. You look marvellous doll, love this look and the pieces you wore on your birthday are amazing too :)) Am happy you enjoyed it and I hope you have a great time with all the celebrations to come :) xx

  3. That jumpsuit makeover is incredible! I do love a jumpsuit but they can be such a nightmare, can't they?
    Love that photo of you in your birthday jewels, just beautiful. xxxx

  4. It was your jumpsuit to do what you like with, and it looks fabulous as a dress, so need to feel bad at all!
    Good to know you enjoyed your birthday, the earrings and pendant are beautiful. xxx

  5. Happy birhday to you and isn't fun to have lots of celebrations!
    I know what you mean about jumpsuit, i'm not a fan as well, horrible for the bathroom - I had jumpsuits but never kept them- It's good idea to turn your jumpsuit into a dress

    Hugs and kisses


  6. Good point about confort! And happy birthday to you bright and beautiful lady!