lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Share In Style: Denim

Ready to enjoy Share-In-Style: Denim, sharing style with some fabulous ladies!. I'm wearing my denim jacket with a thrifted skirt sent to me by Sacramento, and feeling inspired by her style to wear a tied shirt. It's a great idea for any shirt which looks too long to be worn with a skirt, you can just roll it up and tie its extremes in a bow.
I recently purchased this men's shirt at Peekaboo Atelier (a local designer which upcycles vintage clothes) and worn also properly as a long shirt. Always fabulous to share whatever I like and support a local business!. And I've got some compliments about my outfit!

Lista para disfrutar de otro Share-In-Style: Denim, compartiendo estilo con unas damas fabulosísimas!, llevando mi chaqueta vaquera con una falda de segunda mano que me regaló Sacramento (qué encanto). Inspirándome en su estilo, me he puesto esta camisa atada a la cintura, porque me parece una gran idea para llevar esas camisas que resultan demasiado largas para ponérselas con falda, pero simplemente enrollándolas y dándoles un nudo, quedan listas!.
Hace poco me compré esta camisa en Peekaboo Atelier, diseño local sobre ropa vintage, y también la he llevado propiamente como camisa larga. Siempre me encanta compartir lo que me gusta y comprar producto local! Y hasta he recibido algunos cumplidos!

- old revamped denim jacket / vieja cazadora vaquera reformada
- sandals, Wonders / sandalias

- linen jacket, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta de lino
- pants, Festa (old) / pantalón
- bag, retail / bolso, tienda local
- necklace, Dayaday / collar
- brooch, a present by lovely Sacramento / broche, un regalo de la encantadora Sacramento

11 comentarios:

  1. Well helloooooooo gorgeous!!! You're looking all cool, calm and colourful in the summer heat ... I adore that shade of pink and your brooches are divoon!!! xoxoxo

  2. So stunning, I love these colours always!! Amazing amazing!! These brooches are the perfect touch :))) Happy week to you my dear Xxx

  3. Love that thrifted skirt and the groovy design! Your woven choker is fabulous! xxx

  4. Great shirt! I just bought 2 thrifted men's shirts and took 2 more from my husbands closet. I've really grown to love them in the summer and jewelry looks great with the shirts too. Love the little blue jacket too!

  5. As always, you wear such gorgeous combinations and colours! The pink shirt was a great buy. xxx

  6. I always enjoy your combinations, but it seems you are extra inspired lately! I don't know where to begin... The roses brooch is awesome, I want one like this too. The color combo is amazing - you are so good at it! Love your pink shirt both ways, tied and loose, with the skirt and pants. The denim shirt is such a classic, this is a great example! I too love supporting local talented businesses. :) You look simply fabulous!

  7. I imagine you get compliments every day. You shine with colour and passion. Who can resist it? Great pink shirt. I always think your flowery background is so much a part of who you are.

  8. Me encantas, encantas, cantas con la blusa rosa, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Mil beso tesoro

  9. You are the queen of colors, always superb and adorable



  10. Nice denim jacket, and I love all the colours you have here.


  11. Your colour combinations are always so fantastic and I think I sit here with my mouth open staring! The skirt is beautiful and I love the colours and the pattern in it! I love your flower adornments too! And those pants. And the way you tied the shirt at the waist! It's all just fantastic and it all makes your face light up!