lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

Share-In-Style: White

It's time for another challenging Share-In-Style: White, and I'm sharing my (as white as possible) outfits, wearing some white shirts!
Sometime ago, I would asserted that my wardrobe was a whiteshirt-free territory. Too many years wearing a shool uniform (which included a white shirt) were to blame for this peculiarity. But style is all about evolution, and my wardrobe (nor my life) is not going to miss any fun because of any old stupid peculiarity, so I've got some white shirts to enjoy: let's play white!

De nuevo, vuelve el reto del Share-In-Style: White y esta vez va de blanco. Y yo me he puesto lo más de blanco posible, con estas camisas.
Hace un tiempo, podría haber jurado que en mi armario no había ni una camisa blanca. Demasiados años de uniforme de colegio (con camisa blanca), tuvieron la culpa de esta manía. Pero el estilo está siempre evolucionando, y tampoco iba a perderme la ocasión de que mi armario (ni mi vida) se quedasen sin algo divertido por una tontería. Así que tengo estas camisas blancas y es genial unirse al reto!

- skirt, Spitalfields Market (ages ago) / falda, del mercado de spitalfields, hace siglos
- white shirt, Punto Roma (Old) / camisa blanca
- sarong as a scarf, flea market (old) / pareo a modo de chal, de mercadillo
- sandals, Hush Puppies (old) / sandalias
- bag, retail / bolso, tienda local
- crochet starfishes / estrellas de mar de ganchillo

- old overdyed pants / pantalón antiguo, teñido.
- white shirt, La Redoute (Old) / camisa blanca
- sarong as a scarf, flea market (old) / pareo a modo de chal, de mercadillo
- sandals, Brako / sandalias
- bag, Surkana / bolso
- crochet starfishes / estrellas de mar de ganchillo
- necklace (very old) Sfera / collar, antigüito

6 comentarios:

  1. You know, I was much the same, I didn't really like wearing white for many years, but recently I have revisited that and am rather enjoying a burst of fresh, bright white now and again!
    Love both outfits, but I think the orange and the fabulous print of the skirt just steal it for me! xxx

  2. I always love everything in here!! I want to make a necklace similar to the last one too.
    I don't think white works well with my skin tone all by itself. That's the cool thing about white though, you can add any color to it and BAM! Blanco estupendo!

  3. I love both outfits on you! I have trouble with white - too many years in the catering trade have spoilt it - but I do appreciate seeing you in it! xxx

  4. You look marvellous, I love both looks. Both full of colour and spirit!! You look amazing xx

  5. No se puede ser más inspiradora y maravillosa amiga mía