lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

summer pants & shoe shine

Snow was forecasted for today, but I was ready to celebrate I'm feeling better after a cold, a flu and my remaining cough, so today I've worn summer pants. It's a really sensible outfit, if you consider I'm wearing 80deniers tights under my pants, a long cardigan and my waterproof coat. Really sensible, indeed!. I've decided some summer clothes can stay in use all year long, just layering them under my cardis and coats. It's way cheaper than sales, and make me feel some kind of tropical vibe in the middle of the winter!
La previsión del tiempo anunciaba nieve para hoy, pero a mí me pareció que había que celebrar que estoy recuperándome después del resfriado, la gripe y esta tos que aún resiste, así que me he puesto pantalones de verano. En realidad es una idea de lo más prudente, si consideramos que me he puesto medias de 80den. por debajo, y que además llevaba una chaqueta de punto larga y el abrigo impermeable. De lo más prudente!. He decidido que alguna de mi ropa de verano puede estar en uso durante todo el año, simplemente llevándola bajo chaquetas y abrigos. Es mucho más barato que las rebajas, y me hace sentir como un poco de brisa tropical en medio del invierno!

- puffy coat, Anne Weyburn (La Redoute) old / acolchado
- cardigan, La Redoute / chaqueta punto
- green t-shirt, retail (old) / camiseta verde
- pants, 4x4, summer sales / pantalón, de rebajas de verano
- boots, DrMartens / botas
- scarf, Punto Roma (old) / bufanda
- bracelets, DayADay (old) / pulseras
It's time to share the shoes that make you feel like a star, so I'm joining Shoe Shine at Citizen Rosebud with my Fly London boots (bought for one third of their original price!)

Es el momento de compartir los zapatos que te hacen sentir una estrella, así que me he unido al Shoe Shine en Citizen Rosebud con mis botas de Fly London, que me costaron una tercera parte de su precio!!

11 comentarios:

  1. Imagino que pararías el tráfico y hasta los pájaros emigrarían para verte, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    maravillosos colores y maravillosa e inspiradora tú en cada foto.
    Mil besos y gracias por el subidón, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. A brilliant way to extend your wardrobe - why NOT wear those fabulous trousers all year round? Just layer away! I just love your bright colours. xxx

  3. Such a fun outfit! Glad your flu has gone away! Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. Ooo, those pants are incredibly bright and spectacular!
    I really love that cardigan, and I think I've raved about the boots before!

  5. Senora you are SUPER NOVA! What a double dose of stardom- those blue shoes and stellar boots! I love seeing you in your festival of colors- how cheerful you make me feel, my friend. And those boots are amazing, like you!

  6. I love the colours, and it's a great idea to layer summer pieces to extend their use into winter. Glad to hear you're feeling better; the colds and flu seem to hang on longer and longer every year - I still have a lingering cough!

    I like the styles offered by FLY, but they don't fit me very well :( Those are very sleek and classic-looking boots.

  7. Mrs. Allnut, I have missed you! Please forgive my absence. My life has been a series of unfortunate events as of late and quite frankly, I've been a little depressed. And I'm no fun when I'm going through a case of the blues. Nevertheless, I've decided to take the bull by the horns and try to get back in the game no matter what! I am loving the new blog style! How fortunate that you're so crafty as to layer your summer wear for this colorful outfit! My home is so tiny that I have to store my summer clothes in suitcases when I pull out the winter garb. Come summer, I alternate the process, otherwise, I would totally bite off of this great idea! My sister is the master at layering. She lives near the border of Canada so you can imagine that layering is more about survival than it is fashion! hee hee! You are looking wonderful and may I say I love, love the turquoise boots! Besos y botas coloridas! :)

    1. so great that you're getting back in 'the game', I've missed you too!!

  8. You are bright and colorful for a winter day!! I love this color combo!

  9. You at your best, i do love those fantastic pants!