viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

red necklace & new dress

I'm wearing a new dress, purchased on sale, and I'm glad I did it after decluttering my wardrobe. The ol'good 'one in, two out' rule stays working nicely!
This weekend we've no especial plans, I think we will enjoy our usual morning walks and some apperitifs!. Simple things!

Estoy estrenando un vestido, comprado en las rebajas, y me alegra haber reordenado mi armario antes, siguiendo la clásica regla de 'dos fuera por cada uno dentro', que funciona de maravilla.
Este fin de semana no tenemos planes especiales, creo que saldremos a dar un paseo por la mañana y tomar nuestro habitual aperitivo, nada de complicaciones!

- puffy coat, Punto Roma (old) / acolchado
- old jean jacket / chaqueta vaquera antigüita
- dress, retail / vestido, tienda local
- tights, Calzedonia / medias
- boots, Fly London (old) / botas
- hat and scarf, retail / gorra y bufanda, detall

Red necklace, previously / El collar rojo, en anterior ocasión

10 comentarios:

  1. That is a great dress - simple shape but really awesome pattern and colours! I have been getting rid of a lot of clothes, etc. and the "one in, two out" rule is in force here too.

    Did you get your hair coloured recently? It looks amazingly vibrant in these photos. I just got mine done, with some really bright orange in front - will post a photo on my blog soon. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

  2. What a fabulous dress, I adore the print. I think you will get so much wear out of it, it's very you!
    Yes, simple things - enjoy your weekend! xxxx

  3. Oh my, I love your new frock so much!! Well done for your self-discipline in decluttering your wardrobe, I'm getting there slowly and you've inspired me to continue and stay on track :) xoxo

  4. love the mix of patterns. I need to start a clean out, but I don't want to

  5. Wonderful frock, dress.
    Eres tannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmágica que me faltan las palabras siempre. Me quedo aquí babeando jajajja
    Feliz finde guapa mía.

  6. Love your denim jacket over the dress! Simple things are the best! Have a lovely weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  7. LOVE the new dress--it's definitely YOU. I love the colors and the unique print. you look gorgeous!

  8. Hi! Love the dress, it looks a bit like a Desigual dress!
    The necklace is so wonderful - Red is definitively one of your signature color!



  9. This is what I call a perfect winter dress--warm and with the right colors to lift the spirits! It fits you like a glove and you look smashing! I am loving the new hair do and those glasses! You are truly an inspiration, Mrs. Allnut! I agree with Ariane, this does look like a Desigual dress! Besos! :)