domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

blue & orphans

I've been inspired by Spy Girl's 52-Pick-Me-Up: Closet Orphans to wear some cast-off clothes, discarded pieces that were waiting to be donated or swapped. Blue jeans and blueish shirts are not my cup of tea these days, but sometime they were bought and worn, ages ago. Obviously, I tried to incorporate them to my everyday style, but I was not able to do it properly. And I don't feel particularly attached to these pieces, so they've become closet orphans, and it's time to let them go.

Inspirada por Spy Girl's 52-Pick-Me-Up: Closet Orphans para llevar algunas prendas descartadas, cosas que tenía arrumbadas esperando hacer un intercambio, o donarlas a caridad. Los vaqueros azules y las camisas azuladas no son realmente muy de mi gusto, pero en algún momento los compré y me los puse, por lo visto. Evidentemente, intenté incorporarlas de nuevo a mi estilo diario, pero no lo conseguí, y tampoco es que les tenga mucho apego, así que ahora mismo se han convertido en 'prendas huérfanas' y es el momento de buscarles salida.

- puffy coat, Punto Roma (old) / acolchado
- cardigan, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto
- turtleneck and plaid shirt, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto y camisa cuadros
- denim waistcoat, October (old) / chaleco vaquero
- jeans, La Redoute (old) / vaqueros
- boots, DrMartens / botas
- hat, retail / gorra

- blouse, Festa (old) / blusa
- turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto

10 comentarios:

  1. I REALLY REALLY like that ethnic tunic top. Wanna trade for a pair of new Crazy Tights?
    We'd both have to deal with Int'l shipping.

    I have some similar jeans that make me feel fat, so I haven't worn them. I'm actually considering buying skinny jeans to go with a new shirt that I got from Severo for Xmas. As long as my waist isn't showing, and I don't feel too much like a sausage...

    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!

    1. oh yes, I would love to have a pair of Crazy Tights, but are them made in my size??
      and dealing with international shipping is a nightmare, but anyway I would try it!
      I think some skinny jeans or leggings would make you feel übercomfy, I love that 'pajama pants' feeling!

    2. Glad you reposted this! My link party was very quiet. Happy New Year!

  2. Dr Martens...i day without them never happens

  3. That sheer tunic is lovely, I can imagine it working really well as a summery piece with green/yellow/chartreuse cropped trousers, what do you think?
    Jeans are not for me, and I think not for you - not because you don't look good in them (you do), but because they are just so damn ordinary and ubiquitous. You have too colourful a personality and style for jeans, my dear! As always, your fabulous turquoise DMs make every outfit cool! xxxx

    1. thank you for sharing some good color combos!, I'm actually interested in trying them!, but I'm not that sure about my gauze tunic as a summer piece, I remember having problems with this acrylic fabric when it's hot!
      I would try my mustard cardi, it makes everything looks better!
      And I'm also thinking jeans are too ordinary and ubiquitous!, and so boring!.
      besos & gracias

  4. Happy New Year, gorgeous!!!
    The tunic top is lovely! But I know what you mean........I'm due to remove some orphans from my closet! And you've inspired me to get onto that sooner rather than later!
    You better be keeping the Docs, though!

  5. Las botas dan cariño a esas "prendas huérfanas" y la bufanda amarilla también.

  6. I'm with you on the closet orphans!! As long as you don't give away those fabulous shoes!!

  7. I love the top with the sweater - Perfect example of winterizing your summer clothes!
    You really don't like those clothes?
    The Docs are fabulous, but you know me love my Docs!