miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

teal & red

This is what I've worn some days ago, when I decided to give my maryjanes one last try before storing them. Some co-workers commented about my striped tights obsession, and I think they're right. I'm thinking about buying more striped tights, indeed!.
Friday will be a bank holiday here, so we're going to enjoy a long long weekend. I would like to go for an outing, some series are waiting for me (Doctor Who!!!), and actually it's time to decorate our tree!.

Esto es lo que me puse hace unos días, cuando decidí ponerme por última vez mis merceditas antes de guardarlas. Algunos compañeros de trabajo me comentaron que estoy obsesionada con las medias de rayas, y creo que tienen razón. Incluso estoy pensando en comprar más aún!
Como el viernes es festivo y vamos a tener un larguísimo fin de semana, me gustaría hacer alguna excursión, tengo series que me están esperando (Doctor Who!!!) y realmente ya es hora de que decoremos el árbol.

- puffy coat, Punto Roma (old) / acolchado
- cardigan, Evans (old) / chaqueta punto
- dress, C&A (old) / vestido
- tights, Leg Avenue / medias
- maryjanes, El Naturalista / merceditas
- shirt, Punto Roma (old) / camisa
- sequined beret, retail / boina con lentejuelas, detall
- scarf-thing, crocheted / bufanda-cosa, ganchillo

10 comentarios:

  1. A gal can NEVER have enough pairs of striped tights..actually, I think I have only ONE PAIR?! That's terrible. I really must do something about that!!!
    I love those Mary Janes............XXX

  2. Lo del árbol me da pereza...sobre todo por que tengo comida familiar en casa y traje de baile esperando a ser cosido. No llego a la exhibición...a contrareloj.
    Las medias es algo que se rompe con frecuencia...por tanto nunca tendrás bastantes. Y si no se rompen, mejor; siempre tendrás en el cajón alguna para estrenar. Con lo que ilusiona.

  3. I love your striped tights! I have some plaid one's, you are inspiring me to get them out. I like your vibrant color and mixing here. I see you like red too, it's such a great color. We all need color in the winter because of the lack of light. I'm guessing that you decorate a pretty tree!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Polka dots and stripes look so good together, your co-workers must love that you brighten up their day!
    I need some stripey tights in my life, I think!
    Enjoy your bank holiday weekend! xxx

  5. I love patterned tights, and striped ones rock! Especially with polka dots, and a great colour combination like red and teal. Have a great bank holiday! xxxx

  6. I really like this outfit - polka dots and stripes and the colours. So, you are a Dr Who fan?? Me too. Well a bit of a lapsed one, and now I am back into it. Hope you have a lovely long weekend.

  7. love this--You definitely need more striped tights because you look fabulous in them!!

  8. Well, you had me at polka dots! This outfit is so cheery....I'm so happy I stopped by! The striped tights, the dress, and the hat!!!! Love it! Oh, the accessories too! You've definitely got some fun going on here on your blog, and I hope you enjoy your red fringe!