lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013

monday blues

I'm not concerned by all that symbolism in blue as sadness color, I think it's just a bright cold color that can be mixed with almost everything!. So I'm glad to join 52 Pick-me-up: blue hues at fabulous Spy Girl, even though I've added some other colors to the navy, teal and royal blue!!
And it's time to link another Visible Monday and stay visible and fabulous all week long!

No estoy muy al tanto de todo ese simbolismo del azul como un color triste, para mí es sobre todo un color brillante y frío que puede combinarse con casi todo. Así que me encanta unirme al 52 Pick-me-up: blue hues en el fabuloso blog Spy Girl, aunque he añadido algunos otros colores al azul marino, pavo o azul real.
Y también es el momento de enlazar a otro Visible Monday / Lunes Visible, y seguir visibles y fabulosas toda la semana!

- puffy coat, Punto Roma (old) / acolchado
- cardigan, La Redoute / chaqueta punto
- red dress, Savage Culture (retail) / vestido rojo
- leggings, Locaderremate
- boots, DrMartens / botas
- scarf, Dayaday / pañuelo
- sequined beret, retail / boina con lentejuelas, detall

14 comentarios:

  1. Esas botas nunca, nunca, serán tristes.

  2. Beautiful blues! And how I love those boots. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Tks for your comment on my engagement! Love the blues, one of my fav color!


  4. Blue makes me happy! It's one of my favourite colours. But then, gin also makes me happy.....maybe I'm just different!
    Blue goes great with almost every colour, I think. Your Docs are my most favourite shade, darling! XXX

  5. Pero qué capeado más maravilloso, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Eres una inspiración multicolor, como a mí me gusta, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. LOVE the big reveal of the red! The mustard poking out at the coat hem in photo #1 is good too.
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. What a tremendous colour combo, so vibrant and fabulous! x

  8. El azul es un color algo nuevo en mi universo, pero ahora lo adoro....

  9. I don't think blue is a sad colour at all, I love it! It looks even better with red and mustard! xxx

  10. lovely colors
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  11. How can anyone be sad seeing you in your gorgeous blue and bright colors?? I love this!

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  13. So good to see you in all your colorful layers! You put the beauty of the fall leaves to shame! I agree, blue is way beyond a color associated with a sad mood ... it's the color of freedom!

  14. That is a gorgeous shade of blue!