sábado, 23 de septiembre de 2023

September & Luggage

This is what I wore for a walk to the public library and a coffee with a friend on a terrace, just something comfy!. Second hand dress, a necklace made by a local artisan, Chiruca sandals and usual straw bag shopped years ago at Etsy.
It has been another busy week at work, even if the hectic season is over!. But no complaining, I'll go on holiday soon!.

Esto es lo que me puse para un paseo hasta la biblioteca pública y un café con una amiga en una terraza, simplemente algo cómodo. Un vestido de segunda mano, collar de una artesana local, sandalias Chiruca, y el habitual bolso de paja que compré hace años en Etsy.
It's not easy to keep focused on daily life when holiday is around the corner. I'm getting ready for our annual travel to the south of Portugal and also realizing that my 'baggage mojo' is a little bit rusty. I've been a light packer for most of my life, as it happens when you have to travel on a shoestring. Even when we indulged in more 'luxurious' travels, I kept my luggage quite minimalistic (not so much as Mr.A. who is the lighter packer ever). But finally, I've been spoiled by travelling by car during last years, instead of taking a bus, train or plane as we used to do so frequently B.C. So it's taking me ages to decide what to put in my case, considering the unpredictable autumn weather and the different regions we're going to go through.
Finally, I've picked four dresses and a skirt, plus the dress I'll wear during the trip. Not so much if you consider we'll be out for a fortnight. I'm also taking two 'beach dresses' and a recently acquired button-up dress that could be worn both for the beach and for the house (probably I'll wear it as a robe most of the time). Most of my dresses were acquired second hand, or revamped of second hand clothes.

No es fácil concentrarse en la vida diaria cuando las vacaciones están a la vuelta de la esquina. Me estoy preparando para nuestro viaje anual al sur de Portugal y también me estoy dando cuenta de que estoy un poco oxidada a la hora de hacer maletas. He sido de llevar poco equipaje durante muchos años, también porque es lo que te pasa cuando viajas con presupuestos ajustados. Pero incluso cuando nos hemos permitido algún viaje más 'lujoso', he seguido haciendo maletas bastante pequeñas (no tanto como Mr.A. que es un minimalista!). Pero al final, el viajar tanto en coche durante los últimos años (en vez de tomar buses, trenes o aviones, como hacíamos más frecuentemente antes de la pandemia), me ha cambiado el chip, y ahora me está costando decidir qué meter en la maleta, considerando lo variado que es el tiempo en otoño, y que atravesamos varias regiones diferentes.
Finalmente, he elegido cuatro vestidos y una falda, además del vestido que llevaré puesto. No es tanto si consideramos que es para quince días. También llevo dos vestidos para la playa y una especie de vestido abotonado que compré hace poco, y que serviría igual para ir a la playa que como bata para ir por casa. Casi todos son de segunda mano o están hechos a partir de ropa de segunda mano.
These are the three bikinis I've picked, two of them by Snag (but 'customised' by adding a piece of fabric in the middle of the bikini top, modest as I am ;D). Some sunscreen, mosquito repellent, two striped fouta towels (less bulky than usual towels), and our rubber sandals. Obviously, I'm also packing my sunnies and two pairs of sandals, plus minimal bijouterie (a necklace and a bracelet), our ebooks, toiletries etc.

Llevo tres biquinis, dos de ellos de Snag, pero los he customizado un poco, añadiendo una tira de tela en medio del top, porque no me quedaba como me gusta. También hay crema protectora, repelente de mosquitos, y dos foutas de playa que son menos pesadas que las toallas, y sandalias de goma. Evidentemente, también llevo las gafas de sol, dos pares de sandalias, y algo de bisutería (un collar y una pulsera), los ebooks, neceser etc.
See you soon!.

3 comentarios:

  1. you blue dress looks very cool and comfy indeed - love the minimalistic but perfect styling!
    and your holiday wardrobe!! fab prints and colours und the dresses - and we take this kind of towels too when traveling, bought as "hamam towels" at the bazar in istanbul ages ago :-D
    i´m a bikini girl too! (if i have to wear something ;-D) i hate the textile excess of a swimsuit.......
    have a wonderful time in portugal!! xxxxx

  2. I admire your light packing, Monica, something I'm absolutely hopeless at. Your choices are absolutely perfect! Have a fantastic holiday! Besos xxx

  3. That blue dress is fab on you, such a great shape and lends itself to accessorising beautifully.
    I love a packing post. People can't get their heads around me travelling for a fortnight with a small carry-on bag either. For a fortnight I took five dresses (travelled in one of them) a beach cover-up, a sarong, a pair of shorts, a tunic, bikinis and a hat. I like a treat myself to a small locally-made accessory when I'm away, so when I've already worn the same dress three or four times a pair of artisan earrings or a pendant makes all the difference.
    Happy holidays! xxx