sábado, 7 de octubre de 2023

Back to Summer

I'm back to my usual routine and back to work too (no complaining, that's good news!), and missing the fabulous Algarve. However I'm having no chance to miss the sunshine because we're having summery temperatures here too (only there's no beach to go). My first week at work and we've reached 30ºC everyday, even if I had to wear a cardi in the chilly mornings.
Obviously, I had to take some photos with the bouganvilleas (a tradition!), which are so colourful and beautiful and Massive!. But didn't take a photo of the food or the lovely atmosphere, which are some of the best parts. I've always loved the food, which is one of the most delightful and unpretentious food I've ever tasted. Even if the taverns are dissapearing in favour of oriental buffet bars or gastro pubs (the sign of times), there are still plenty of them the moment you move away from the touristic spots.

De vuelta a las rutinas habituales y también de vuelta al trabajo (no me quejo, es algo bueno) y echando de menos el Algarve. Lo que no he tenido ocasión de echar de menos es el clima soleado, porque estamos teniendo un tiempo veraniego aquí también, sólo que sin playa. Mi primera semana en el trabajo y hemos tenido temperaturas de más de 30 todos los días, aunque por la mañana haga fresquete y tenga que ponerme una chaqueta.
Evidentemente había que sacarse foto con las buganvillas, que son tan coloridas y bonitas y Enormes!. Pero no tomé ni una foto de la comida ni del ambiente tan tranquilo y agradable, que son también de lo mejor. Siempre me encantó la comida, que es de lo más estupenda y sin pretensiones. Aunque muchas tabernas de las de toda la vida están desapareciendo (y en su lugar surgen bufés orientales o gastrobares), todavía quedan unas cuantas en cuanto te alejas de los lugares turísticos.
This is my fav beach dress, that I wore almost everyday. It was made from a second hand dress, and I love its massiveness and lightweight viscose fabric. I made the most of my luggage and wore everything, but I'm taking notes to improve my packing. I don't need so many dresses (four dresses are more than enough) when I actually live in my beach gear. On the other hand, it's ok to put three bikininis in my case. And my robe/dress has been really useful, perfect to stay near the pool, reading a book (one of my so stressful activities!).

Este es mi vestido de playa favorito, que me he puesto casi cada día. Está hecho de un vestido, de segunda mano, y me encanta que sea tan enorme y la tela es ligerísima de viscosa. He aprovechado bien mi equipaje y me puse todo lo que llevé, pero he tomado nota para mejorar. No me hacen falta tantos vestidos (cuatro son más que suficientes), porque lo que llevo puesto más rato es la ropa de playa. Por otro lado, está bien llevar tres bikinis. Y el vestido/bata que llevé ha sido aprovechadísimo, perfecto para andar por casa o estar junto a la piscina leyendo (una de mis frenéticas actividades!)
I'm back to business as usual and back to blogging!, so I'll catch up with your blogs as soon as possible!

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  1. Of course you had to photograph those magnificent bouganvilleas, and you are wearing a matching dress too! Just stunning!
    Loving your beach dress too, but my favourite of all must be your wonderful crane maxi dress!
    And I see you are now a member of the bandstand appreciation society too ...
    I'm glad to hear you had a fantastic time in the Algarve and that, although you're back to your usual routine, you can continue to enjoy some sunshine! Mil besos xxx

  2. The bougainvillea is beautiful and you match the flowers so well in the lovely floral dress you're wearing. You'll have to call it your 'bouganvillea' dress! Lovely outfits as always; with temperatures like that no wonder you lived in your beach wear. Gorgeous white sand. Glad to hear you had a lovely, relaxing holiday.

  3. I love seeing your bougainvillea photos although your outfits are just as spectacular as those wonderful blossoms. You packed some gorgeous clothes, that refashioned massive beach tunic is particularly fabulous, the perfect easy-breezy travel outfit.
    Welcome to the BAS (bandstand appreciation society!) xxxx

  4. stunning bougainvillea! such gorgeous plants...... and you wore the perfect dresses for this place - all lightweight and colourful and fab prints! glad you had a great time at the beach but no pain coming back to work - work, as we spend so much time with it, should´t make us feel bad, imho.
    seeing that wide white sands behind you i have some serious beach envy ;-D

  5. Such a shame the taverns are disappearing, but it sounds like a fabulous holiday nonetheless. Your outfits look great; the bougainvilleas make a perfect backdrop.