domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2022

Winter Blues

When it rains, it pours!. So it rained everyday last week, even torrentially sometimes. At least we have some sunny spells on Wednesday, which we made the most of (we hang the laundry out to dry!, we're so wild!). We also ran errands and even had a pint at a bar!.
Anyway, this is a quiet time of the year for us, as we don't get involved in the shopping frenzy, nor buy loads of food to please other people's expectations. Even if it makes me look like Mrs.Scrooge, we'll have our own style festive season with family and friends, and will save our money for the things we truly enjoy or need.

Cuando llueve, diluvia. Y lo digo porque ha llovido cada día de la semana pasada, a veces incluso torrencialmente. Al menos tuvimos un ratito soleado el miércoles, que aprovechamos a tope (colgamos la colada fuera a secar!, ¡planazo!). Bueno, también salimos a hacer unos recados y nos bebimos una pinta en un bar.
De todos modos, esta época del año es bastante tranquila para nosotros, ya que ni nos afecta el frenesí de compras ni tampoco compramos toneladas de comida simplemente porque es lo que la gente espera que hagas. Aunque me haga parecer una Señora Scrooge, simplemente celebramos las fiestas a nuestro estilo con la familia y amigos, y nuestro dinero se quedará para las cosas que de verdad nos gustan o nos hacen falta.
Monday outfit was all around blue and green matchiness!. This 80's dress was a present by Sacramento and I've worn it many times with my DrMartens (which provide some contrast and fun!). They're also sensible shoes for a rainy day!. Same for my waterproof Seasalt coat. That bolero cardi came from Sunday street market (second hand). Necklace was charity shopped years ago, enamel brooch is probably vintage. Earrings shopped at my fav retail shop Eme (not sponsored, link because I like it!).

El lunes fue un día para ir completamente conjuntada en azul y verde. El vestido ochentero fue un regalo de Sacramento y lo he llevado a menudo con estas botas DrMartens, que creo que añaden contraste (y diversión!). También son el calzado perfecto para un día lluvioso. Lo mismo digo del abrigo de Seasalt. La chaquetita corta vino del mercadillo del domingo y es de segunda mano. El collar es de una tienda solidaria, hace años, y el broche esmaltado creo que es vintage. Pendientes y bolso de mi tienda local favorita Eme (que enlazo porque me gusta, todo me lo compro con mi dinerito!).
More Winter blues on Tuesday, lots of blues and lots of rain actually. Nothing new here, as I've worn this same combo many times. Same old skirt that I made of a second hand dress, and same cardi-jacket also second hand. Not the best idea to wear a maxi skirt, as it got soaked. At least I wore some waterproof shoes (by Chiruca). Both the crochet scarf-thing and the beret were made by me. Usual cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal. Massive brooch by a local artist.

Más azules el martes, y más lluvia también. No hay nada nuevo por aquí, creo que me he puesto este mismo conjunto muchas veces. La misma falda que me hice de un vestido de segunda mano, y esta misma chaqueta también de segunda mano. No fue una buena idea ponerse una falda larga, porque se me empapó todo el borde. Pero al menos me puse calzado resistente al agua (Chiruca). La especie de bufanda y la boina son de ganchillo. El bolso de siempre, de Fine Cork Portugal. Y el broche es de una artista local.
I wore same dress twice in a row, and repeat similar colour combo, as I couldn't find a better plan. This teal dress was shopped at Asos ages ago around 2012 and has been a real workhorse, so totally fast fashion worn slow. Kimono jacket made of two scarves (see it here). Layered tights (Blue Hawaiian fishnets and Sepherds' Delight by Snag). Sneakers by Reebok (outlet). Necklace came from a charity market years ago. Scarf was a present by Mom.

Este vestido me lo puse dos días seguidos y además repetí una combinación de colores parecida, simplemente porque no se me ocurrió nada mejor. El vestido es de Asos y es antigüito, como del 2012 y le he sacado partido, así que moda rápida al estilo sostenible. La chaqueta tipo kimono me la hice yo misma usando dos pañuelos (véase aquí). Dos pares de medias de Snag, rojas y de rejilla azul. Zapatillas de Reebok outlet. Collar de un mercadillo solidario. El pañuelo fue un regalo de mi madre.
Next day I wore same dress with a pre-loved beaded-sequined jacket. I have to wear this jacket more frequently!

Al día siguiente me puse el mismo vestido, con una chaqueta de lentejuelas de segunda mano. Tengo que ponérmela más a menudo!.
Riot of colours for Friday. This is another self-sewed skirt that I made using some Ikea fabric (repeat offender!) ages ago. It's really easy to pick any colour from a bold print to mix and match!. So I wore an orange cardi (second hand) and blue tights (Snag Midnight) and orange sneakers by Reebok outlet. And added a massive scarf that I recently acquired at a fav retail shop Eme.

Explosión de color para el viernes. Esta falda es otra más que me hice yo misma con telas del Ikea (sí, hice varias), y de eso hace años. Es tan fácil elegir cualquier color del estampado para combinar. Esta vez elegí una chaquetita de punto naranja, de segunda mano, medias azules (Snag) y unas zapatillas naranja de Reebok outlet. Y además una bufanda enorme que me compré hace poco en esta estupenda tienda local Eme.
I went for a walk in the park along the riverbank and watched some storks and cormorants.
En un paseo por los parques cerca del río, se ven un montón de cigüeñas y cormoranes.
Have a fabulous week!

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  1. My friend who lives in Andalucia says the rain there has been awful, she's escaped to the UK for a respite!
    Fabulous clothing combos, the workhorse teal mini, the rhapsody in blue and the genius Ikea skirt are so cheery and zingy.
    It makes me laugh when people ask if we're ready for Xmas (in October). Jon always asks what we're supposed to be ready for? We don't eat differently, the shops are only shut for one day and the handful of friends we buy for like the same things as us, no hassle.
    Your riverbank photos are gorgeous. High time we went on a walk now our faces won't fall off in the cold! xxx

  2. It started raining here overnight, so I guess you've sent your rain our way ;-)
    I'm loving the symphony of blues and greens in your first outfit, both Sacramento's dress and the skirt in your second outfit are stellar. I'm also loving the skater style dress worn both ways and of course the IKEA fabric repeat offender skirt which is one of my favourites of yours.
    And oh wow, look at those storks and cormorants, such magnificent birds! Besos xxx

  3. Always love seeing your photos. Lovely outfits that would lift anyone's mood despite the rain. Have a great week.

  4. Gorgeous outfits! So beautifully accessorised and colourful! Yes, do wear the sequinned jacket more often it's lovely. I love cormorants; they always remind me of old men at a funeral in their black overcoats...

  5. These are such beautiful outfits. I do love your pattern mixing-never too much!